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How you Can Use Blow Torches in your Kitchen?

Author: Nettsowl Torch
by Nettsowl Torch
Posted: Aug 30, 2019
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Fire is one of the most important five elements of life. It has both destructive and constructive qualities. If the fire is handled with care, then it can cook our next meal for us. In the kitchen, the fire has a very prominent place and variation of fire tools is present in the kitchen like a gas range, grill, burner, etc., However, in the modern cooking style, a new fire-based kitchen tool called blow torch has been rapidly used.

A blow torch is a small device which emits a controlled amount of fire that you can directly use on your cook to add burning caramelized effect. The demand for blowtorches have been rapidly increasing in the commercial kitchens, but still, some kitchens are reluctant to use them as they don’t know how can they make delicious dishes using fire torch. If you are also wondering that how can you include different types of blowtorches in your kitchen, then let's check out a few examples –

Perfectly finished steak

If you have ever cooked steak, then you will know how difficult it is to cook a hunk of meat perfectly. Especially, when you are using a gas stove to cook on an uneven piece of meat, then it will become very difficult to get evenly cooked meat. So, here you can pull out propane torch and instead of leaving the fate of your meat in the hands of a gas stove, you can quickly finish off the uncooked areas of steak with the blow torch. Just a few seconds of the torch can convert your bland steak into a perfectly cooked steak.

Sizzling Caramelisation

To get the perfect touch of burnt sugar on top of your crème brûlée, you don’t have to now visit the restaurant. You can easily cook a restaurant like crème brûlée at home by sprinkling some sugar and finishing it up with a Creme Brulee Torch. The same restaurant like caramelize effect can be obtained by using the blow torch.

Grilled Vegetables

Fresh grilled vegetables are a healthy dinner option. But, unfortunately, getting the correct charred look and taste of green vegetables is very hard as every vegetable has a different cooking temperature. So, if you want to give a grilled twist to your boring vegetable salad, then you can store refillable butane torch in your cupboard. You just have to marinate your vegetables with some oil and salt and use butane blow torch to add grilled effect on them. The benefit of using a refillable blow torch is that you can easily reuse them by refilling them.

Happy Marshmallows

Do you miss your happy summer camping time when you use to grill marshmallows over the fire? If yes, then you can relive those moments anytime with the help of blow torch, you just have to stick a few on a metal skewer and torch lightly until they’re perfectly blackened and bubbly.

A blowtorch can be used in a kitchen, multiple ways so you should get one for your kitchen and make lots of delicious restaurant worthy dishes at home. Plus, using blow torch is very easy and anyone can quickly learn it to use with some practice.

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