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Content Creators Struggling Hard For Monetizing Their Content

Author: Er Kanika
by Er Kanika
Posted: Aug 30, 2019


The key requirement of the business is to create high-quality content and building up an organic audience. It is the quality of the content that matters a lot to readers and the content creators are now focusing to maintain the same. When it comes to content monetization, several content creators are oblivious. They are incapable to find what works and what fails, so they end up getting the ineffective outcomes. It is not possible for them to experiment with every available facet of content monetization. The present article focuses on the struggle undertaken by the content creators for content monetization. The subsequent section of this article will give proper insight into how they can be paid fairly:

How content creator face issues for content monetization?

To understand how content creators face struggle with content monetization, it is important to consider by taking the example of the YouTube platform. This platform is raising the requirements for channels on its platform that would make them qualified to earn money from ads run prior and while running their videos. These requirements would allow platforms like YouTube to considerably improve their potential to identify content creators who aid positively to the community and assist to drive more ad revenue to them. Moreover, YouTube has set a minimum watch time for the content to get qualified on its platform. Such higher standards will assist to avert inappropriate videos from being monetizing and the same can severely influence the revenue for everyone.

The new monetization rules set by YouTube will severely affect smaller creators. For example, the new rules define that to allow creators to get eligible for the Partner Program, a collective whose channels could be monetized via Google AdSense, they should have a total watch time of 4,000 hours in the last 12 months. Moreover, there must be a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. These stringent rules make it difficult for content creators to monetize their content.

There are certain platform restrictions as well which impedes the process of content monetization. Every content monetization platform comes with its own restrictions. You might not obtain a broad selection of ad partners as you may like. Alternatively, you need to stick to a definite type of subscription model. Such restrictions become key issues if you do not carefully research the platform earlier. It is essential to know what you are getting into.

The lack of authenticity is another key issue faced by the content creators. In recent times, there is a trend of purchasing subscribers or views on YouTube leading to authenticity problems. This is because purchasing views or subscribers like this will pose problems like fake analytics and discoverability. This will result in the loss to the advertisers as well. It is commonly observed that the advertisers overlook the authentic content creators simply to follow the one showing fake views.

How Blockchain presents a solution to this?

The majority of large content platforms employ centralized power. Once a content creator becomes famous, the one that induces real profit is the platform. Since the platform receives the major share of the profit, the content creators will only receive a tiny share of the profit. To get rid of this hassle, Blockchain presents an effective solution. Essentially, it is a ledger technology which is decentralized in operation and comes with essential features like cryptic, indisputable and mysterious in nature. It unlocks new possibilities for protecting the genuineness and reliability of data saved on it. These possibilities will be much more stringently than before. The use of the advanced blockchain-enabled platforms aims to resolve the issue and also intend to shift the profits to the content creators.

How PodMiners assist content creators?

PodMiners is an excellent response to the increasing population of podcast creators as well as listeners. The prevalence of the podcast industry is so high that its revenue is approximated to reach $1 billion by 2021. The PodMiners platform targets to implement a blockchain solution allowing podcast creators to achieve legitimate profit via ads and broad content distribution. The highly effective ad-fraud fighting mechanism implemented by this system validates every ad-click or ad engagement created by the audience on a blockchain ledger. This will directly stop the advertisers’ investment in worthless ads. Once advertisers gain a real audience, their return on investment would significantly increase. This, in turn, facilitates advertisers to acquire a genuine distribution of their ads. The same will return to the content creators in the form of increased revenue.

Furthermore, PodMiners is popular for offering a micropayment system for enabling the incentivized digital downloads of podcasts as well as monthly subscriptions for listeners. This will indirectly add a new stream of revenue for content creators. This blockchain-based platform is also functioning in direction to allocate audio content not just on their own platform but also to manifold other podcast platforms. Consequently, the content creators will be able to extend their discoverability. The discoverability is one of the key traits to consider while contemplating the approaches to alleviate the hassles of content creators for content monetization. The PodMiners platform offers a provision to auto-publish the content over multiple platforms. This approach will enhance the likelihood of the discoverability of their content.

The implementation of the Blockchain technology makes PodMiners an extremely secure system delivering enhanced efficiency in diverse processes. It is this blockchain-based platform that presents a secure medium for the publishers. The on-time payments by PodMiners make sure the content creators will be paid fairly. The corresponding smart contract implementation based on blockchain makes the platform a fair and open platform for these creators to receive payment instantly once certain requirements are met.


The contemporary time reveals that digital content is the standard for modern means of podcasting. The consumers and the content platforms persist to economically grow in massive proportions; the ones who actually generate content are not getting paid fairly. It is best to try the blockchain-based platform like PodMiners that implements a secure working mechanism to always promise a fair return to content creators. They make proper justice to their hard efforts behind content creation.

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