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5 Reasons to get your kitchen remodelled

Author: Capri Qld
by Capri Qld
Posted: Aug 30, 2019

It is unavoidable that you would need some kitchen renovation from one time to another. Before any kitchen renovation, it is important to plan appropriately. This planning would take note of the financial, labor and other types of requirements needed for the project. However, one question remains unanswered and it forms an important part of the planning process. How long does the renovation take? It's important to know but there isn't just one answer for every project. The duration of the project would depend on a number of factors. We'll treat the different factors affecting the duration of the project and discuss how exactly each factor affects the duration. Kitchen renovations in gold coast are best available with Capri QLD.

Most kitchen renovations often last between 4 to 8 weeks. This duration will generally depend on the technique used, materials and finishes applied.

Design selection. Often times, this occurs before the commencement of any fieldwork on the project. Here, you decide the look of the new kitchen.

Demolition and Initial Work. This marks the commencement of the project. Usually, demolition could be done in a day. Demolition involves the complete removal of previous components of the bathroom; stripping it down to its bare frame. Other parts of initial work include framing, installation of plumbing and electrical work and plastering. First of all, the kitchen frame is done if you'll be using an entirely different design. After that, the plumbing and electrical is installed within the walls. If you'll be using the old plumbing and connection, you can save time on this stage. Finally, the wall is plastered to conceal the plumbing and electrical work before the contractor starts to set up the kitchen.

Decoration and cabinetry. It's now time to start the real design. Cabinetry often lasts about 3-6weeks to create. It all depends on the type of finish chosen. Next, we head to tiling and the choice of tiles. After this, we can take a look at the creation of benchtops. Laminate benchtops are easy to create and can be created by the cabinet maker. However, stone benchtops would require extra time (about 10 days) and some expert work from a stonemason. It is here, you apply any design concepts which you have conceived before the start of the project.

Fittings and finishing. This stage marks the end of the whole project. Here, the tape and appliances are connected. Then, the fittings are attached to the different parts of the bathroom. Sockets, taps, bulbs are added where necessary. Also, the bathroom is freshly painted. What good is the addition of furniture and new products? It is important that wee use furniture for personal comfort. It would be an aesthetic anomaly to have a kitchen with new cabinetry and designs with dull walls. Pairing the walls brightens up the bathroom. After the whole job ensures to clean up and keep your new bathroom as clean as possible.

Capri QLD is the best company you can access when you renovate your bathroom and kitchen. These two rooms in your home are so important for your comfort that you shouldn’t underestimate their potential when it comes to your daily life. At Capri QLD you find all the services you need in terms of kitchen renovating, bathroom renovating and commercial fit-outs at your disposal.

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