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Common Myths about Audio Mastering Service

Author: Blake LA Grange
by Blake LA Grange
Posted: Aug 30, 2019

Similar to the various stages of music production, mastering service has changed over the last few years. Initially the purpose of audio mastering services was to change the final audio from one format to another. Over the recent years, due to the arrival of new technologies and digital formats such as online mastering services, the trend has changed now. In order for music to give its best on streaming services, the mastering workflows are moving with the technology to meet new loudness specifications. The best way to understand the purpose of mastering service is to demystify the common myths surrounding it. Here we have mentioned a few myths about mastering that have been floating around the mastering industry for many years.

Louder is better

Simply believing louder is better is wrong. Excessive loudness sacrifices the sound and integrity of your music. If you push your music to sound loud, it can destroy the dynamic range and overall feel of your music. You can hear some to know how excessive loudness destroys the dynamics of a mix.

Can Fix Bad Mixes during Mastering

It is not true! Mixes should be sculpted in ways to get the music to sound as radio-ready as possible before online mastering services. Mix problems such as overpowering vocals or hiss should be addressed in the mix stage not mastering. The best sounding masters are always produced from great sounding mixes.

Mastering Is a Complicated Process

Mastering has got a reputation for being a dark art. Most online mastering engineers believe this to be because of the pressures they put to get masters done right. Mastering is the final process to ensure that the music is completed to the highest standards. Mastering, like mixing, is all about taste.

Mastering Is All About the Meters

Meter watching isn't the main focus of mastering. The meters are important to watch but the craft of mastering is in how gently they can shape the overall tone and dynamics to give the full potential of the music. Mastering is as much a creative process as mixing is. Skilled mastering engineers know that subtly is the key to delivering great sounding masters.

Hopefully the list helps to dispel any myths about audio mastering services and serves to clear your doubts.

The author of this article is one of the famous online mastering engineers. In this article, he has discussed about a few common myths about audio mastering services. Visit

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The author of this article is associated with the audio mastering services provider. In this article, he has mentioned a few benefits of online mastering service. Visit

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