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Do you have a car? Do you need Repairing? Check here

Author: Gary Morgan
by Gary Morgan
Posted: Aug 30, 2019

The vehicles like car or others make our transportation easy and it helps to reach our desiccation on time. Due to its larger use, there are several auto repair/car repair companies obtainable in Dubai and some of them offering the best service to their clients. To ensure a smooth ride, it is necessary to maintain your car and require periodic servicing. Moreover, regular repair aAnd servicing are also important to make sure that your vehicle stays in a safe condition. SERVICEMYCAR provides a fantastic platform for all, where people can repair their car without taking their car to the service center by own.

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ServiceMyCar is the first choice of the users here and it is the best car repair in Dubai, UAE. It is the first platform of the region which is providing plenty of car repair service to all car brands. Here are the names of some car brands we are expertise:- Toyota, Honda, Audi, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, Bentley, Acura, Renault, Volkswagen, Chery, BMW, Chevrolet, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Fiat, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jeep, KIA, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Subaru, Suzuki, Volvo, Tata, Bugatti, Cadillac, GMC, Renault, and many more. And we are experts in repairing Hatchback, Sedan, MPV, SUV, Crossover, Coupe, Convertible and Sportscars.

  1. Car A/C Services - A/C Compressor repair, A/C Gas Refill, A/C Diagnosis, and Leak Test.
  2. Car Scanning and Diagnostics Services - Engine Diagnostics, Gearbox Diagnostics, Car Diagnostics.
  3. Car Transmission Repair Services - Transmission/ Gearbox Inspection, Transmission repair and replacement, Transmission Oil, Oil filter service.
  4. Car Engine Repair Services- Car Engine Noise repair, Car Engine Tuning, Engine Detailing.
  5. Oil Services- Synthetic Premium Oil Change, Oil Filter Change, Oil Flushing.
  6. Car Suspension Services- Wheel Balancing, Suspension Alignments, Detailed suspension checkup.
  7. Car Battery Services - Replacement of a battery, Testing of Battery Cable, Comprehensive Battery and Electrical System Check.
  8. Car Brakes Services - Brake-pad Replacement, Brake Performance Inspection, Brake Fluid Change.
  9. Car Paint Services- Scratch Painting, Full body painting service, Car Polishing
  10. Car upholstery work - Car Custom Seat Covers, Auto Dash Board Repair, Auto Dash Board Replacement.
  11. Complete Car Exterior Services - Flat Tire, Body Touchup, Car Towing Service.
  12. Complete Car Interior Service - Deep vacuum cleaning, Proper Polishing, Door Panel service.

Here are some tips that 100% maintain your car: -

1. Avoid rash driving

Rash driving is one of the primary factors that you should stop by today. The way we drive, reflect on our car. The rash drive can damage our car permanently. Rash driving damage your car wheels can affect on your car balancing, wheel alignment, brake pads, clutch disk, and most importantly your car average. Be a smart driver, by driving smartly and safely you can save up on your fuel cost. Always drive below the speed limits, avoid sudden stops. So please stop rash driving by today. And also, don't use a cell phone or other devices that distract you from the road

2. Check your car battery regularly

Here are some bullets below that can help you to protect your battery life.

  • Avoid keeping your vehicle idle. Drive your vehicle regularly, driven regularly ‘keep their charge’ as the battery is automatically charged while the car is in motion.
  • Service your vehicle according to the maker’s schedule
  • Check the battery’s charging rate, Undercharging and over-charging the battery will reduce battery life.
  • Avoid leaving car accessories and light son for long periods of time without the engine running
  • Keep the battery case clean. Dust and dampness can ruin a battery case causing it to lose charge.
  • Keep the car battery properly bound in the engine bay
  • Never try and jump-start a flat battery
  • Avoid park your car outside the garage in winters. Always try to park inside.
  • Avoid Driving short trip often. The battery takes time to charge and on a short trip for a couple of minutes, the battery cannot be charged and can damage your battery.
  • Restore your vehicle battery every 3 to 4 years.
3. Wash Your Car Regularly

Here are some do's and don'ts for your car wash

  • Do: Choose the Right Soap

Powerful chemicals and detergents will not only strip the wax off of your car but also dull the finish of your paint and trim. So Always use a soap that has been formulated specifically for cars

  • Don’t: Let Drying Cloth or Detailing Rag Touch the Ground

The tiny particles of grime and dirt it picked up after being in contact with the ground mean it’s guaranteed to scratch and spiderweb your paint.

  • Do: Use Two Buckets or Rinse Carefully

Ideally, you should have two buckets at the ready — one for rinsing your mitt and one for getting a fresh batch of clean, sudsy soap on your mitt to use on the car. This is one of the best methods to guarantee that you don’t accidentally scratch the paint while washing your car.

  • Don’t: Wash in Direct Sunlight

If the body is hot, the water and even the soap will dry up instantly because of the sun, which will leave spots all over the paint and glass. Parking in the shade, washing in the early evening will prevent spots from forming. It’s also vital to rinse with an indirect spray instead of a jet blast of water.

  • Do: Use a Microfiber Drying Towel

A microfiber drying towel is a softer and more absorbent, which will protect your finish and get the drying job done much faster.

4. Proper care of your car wheels
  • Check your tire pressure monthly, checking car pressure timely can promote your car to disbalance.
  • Examine wheels regularly, especially before long road trips. As a smart person, you should check your car tires alignment and condition properly before a long road trip. Always check the tire grip and punctures (flat tire).
  • Don’t overload your vehicle. Carrying unnecessary weight can make your car heavier and its effects on your car wheel
  • Don’t wait until your tires are on their death bed to replace, Check the tires grip once in a month and change as soon as possible.
  • Don’t install mismatched tires. mismatched tires are not perfectly aligned as non-aligned tires can make you lose control of your car and cause accidents.
5. Keep your mirrors neat and tidy

Mirrors are our best friend while driving in the morning, day or night. It can be an extremely risky and dangerous situation if we drive without our car mirrors. Especially our wing mirror, which is also called side view mirror. It’s found on the exterior of motor vehicles to help the driver see areas behind and to the sides of the vehicle. it's very dangerous to have dirt and water spots on your mirror, clean your car mirrors every time before your drive. Please don't use newspaper, paper or towel to clean, it may cause scratches on the mirror. Always use good quality glass cleaner or lint-free cloth.

6. Keep your car interior clean

We spend plenty of time in our car. sometimes we eat snacks and other stuff inside but we avoid to clean the particles immediate when we come out. Having food particles on the seat or mats for a long time creates dust, spot, and a bad smell. The best way to maintain your car interior is to clean immediate whenever you get out of your car.

  • Keep a clean piece of cloth all the time inside your car to clean the dust daily.
  • Wash your car mats at least once in a month.
  • Polish your car dashboard - doors thrice in a month.
7. Protect your car exterior Body

Clean your car body regularly and avoid dust particles to stick long on the body. It can create spots and can harm your car paint.

  • Keep your car cover when you are not driving. Keeping it out of the range of the sunlight helps the outer material and the paint to stay stronger.

-Keeping it out of the reach of the heavy rain especially helps the car roof and bonnet paint.

8. Alert on Warning Indicators

The modern car has smart warning systems and sensors that notify us when something is amiss. As a part of basic car maintenance, we need to learn the meaning of the various warning signals that flash on our vehicle instrument panel.


This indicator light indicates you that you need scheduled maintenance. it may come in various impressions like service, service engine or maint reqd.

  • ABS warning light

When this indicator light flashes, you should bring your car to the best car service center for the proper diagnosis. ABS is very powerful braking systems. It keeps our car stable and controllable in a sudden stop situation.

  • Oil Warning Light

When it flashes be alert. It typically indicates when the oil pressure in the engine is too low. Don't ever try to drive your vehicle when this warning light is on, it can totally damage your vehicle engine. Check is your oil level is good, oil filter or strainer does not block and most importantly check oil pump is working correctly or it fails.

  • Coolant Warning Light

A coolant warning light appears when your vehicle engine is overheating. The best solution for this issue is to stop driving and wait for the cool down. Please don't ever attempt to open a radiator cap as your vehicle cooling system is highly pressurized. So when your engine cooled down, remove the radiator cap and check carefully.

-Brake Warning Light

There are various reasons why this will suddenly flash on your indicator panel. It could be that your parking brakes are engaged or you brake fluid levels need topping up. It's better to check this issue with your vehicle manual

9. Rotate Your Car Tires

  • Wheel alignment and balancing are important aspects of basic car maintenance since these can play a role in your car's fuel economy, It is thus crucial to have your car wheels rotated, aligned and balanced according to the mileage that was indicated in your owner's manual. All Wheels do not wear at the same amount. So, by rotating the front and rear tires, you balance the wear and make them more durable. - Rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.
Benefits with Car Maintenance Dubai - UAE

SERVICEMYCAR.AE eliminates physically taking the car to the service center. Now no need to take off from your office or your busy schedule. Just visit SERVICEMYCAR.AE website, book your service online and finish. Our agent will come to your location to pick your car for service and deliver the serviced car in the same day.

  • Check Initial Check Service—
-Collect vehicle from the specified address

-Check vehicle history

-Note customer comments and recommendations

-Check for damage to bodywork

-Check trims

-Check lamps

-Check number plates

-Check mirrors

-Check timing belt interval

-on vehicle condition using Servicing Stop mobile app

  • Check ON Ground Service—
-Check ABS

-Check all interior warning lights

-Check horn

-Check condition and operation of seat belts

-Check operation of interior lights and switches

-Check operation of exterior lights and switches

-Check front and rear windscreen wipers and washers

-Check condition and security of windscreen

-Check condition and security of rear-view mirror

-Check fuel cap

-Check air conditioning

-Check and top up power steering reservoir

-Check PAS

-Check the auxiliary belt

-Check fan belts

-Check pollen/cabin filter

-Check battery condition and security

-Check clutch operation

-Check handbrake operation and travel

-Check and top up gearbox oil

-Check and top up axle oil

-Inspect and top up transfer box oil (if suitable)

-Inspect and fill all under bonnet fluid levels

-Check and top up brake fluid

-Check and top up antifreeze

-Check and top up clutch fluid

-Lubricate door hinges

-Lubricate catches and locks (where required)

-Check coolant systems for leaks

-Check engine cooling fan

-Check operation of throttle and lubricate as required

-Replace air filter

-Replace spark plugs if applicable (at extra cost)

-Visually inspect the condition of HT leads

-Log inspection details using Servicing Stop mobile app

  • Raised OFF Ground Service—
  • Take out under body inspection (check for any corrosion)
  • Replace engine oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check condition and security of steering
  • Check condition and security of suspension
  • Check condition and security of mountings
  • Check condition and security of gaiters
  • Check the exhaust system for security and leaks
  • Check fuel lines for security and leaks
  • Check brake pipes
  • Check hoses
  • Check handbrake cables
  • Check cylinders/calipers for leakage (if applicable)
  • Check the condition of the distributor cap
  • Check engine and gearbox mounts for wear
  • Test starter motor cranking operation and security
  • Visually examine radiator and coolant pipes/hoses for protection and leaks
  • Check all wheel bearings for noise/free play
  • Check tire condition and adjust the pressure (if required)
  • Inspect and record brake pads/shoes for operation and condition
  • Inspect and record discs and drums for condition and operation
  • Check operation and condition of front brakes (wheels remove)
  • Check operation and condition of rear brakes (wheels remove)
  • Refit wheels (if applicable) — set wheel torque
  • Additional checks as per manufacturer schedule
  • Log inspection details using Servicing Stop mobile app
  • Check out the list of brands we provide car repair service in Dubai, UAE

    • Acura Repair
    • Alfa Romeo Repair
    • Aston Martin Repair
    • Audi Repair
    • Baic Repair
    • Bentley Repair
    • BMW Repair
    • Brilliance Repair
    • Bugatti Repair
    • BYD Repair
    • Cadillac Repair
    • Changan Repair
    • Chery Repair
    • Chevrolet Repair
    • Chrysler Repair
    • Citroen Repair
    • CMC Repair
    • Daihatsu Repair
    • Dodge Repair
    • Dongfeng Repair
    • Ferrari Repair
    • Fiat Repair
    • Fisker Repair
    • Ford Repair
    • Foton Repair
    • GAC Repair
    • Geely Repair
    • Genesis Repair
    • GMC Repair
    • Great wall Repair
    • Haval Repair
    • Honda Repair
    • Hummer Repair
    • Hyundai Repair
    • Infiniti Repair
    • International Repair
    • Isuzu Repair
    • Jac Repair
    • Jaguar Repair
    • Jeep Repair
    • Kia Repair
    • King long Repair
    • Koenigsegg Repair
    • Ktm Repair
    • Lamborghini Repair
    • Landrover Repair
    • Lexus Repair
    • Lincoln Repair
    • Lotus Repair
    • Luxgen Repair
    • Maserati Repair
    • Maxus Repair
    • Maybach Repair
    • Mazda Repair
    • Mclaren Repair
    • Mercedes Repair
    • Mercury Repair
    • MG Repair
    • Mini Repair
    • Mitsubishi Repair
    • Morgan Repair
    • Nissan Repair
    • Opel Repair
    • Oullim Repair
    • Peugeot Repair
    • PGO Repair
    • Porsche Repair
    • Proton Repair
    • RAM Repair
    • Renault Repair
    • Rolls Royce Repair
    • SAAB Repair
    • SEAT Repair
    • Skoda Repair
    • Spyker Repair
    • Ssangyong Repair
    • Subaru Repair
    • Suzuki Repair
    • Tata Repair
    • Toyota Repair
    • Volkswagen Repair
    • Volvo Repair
    • Zna Repair
    • And many more.

    If you don't see your vehicle above, Don't worry. Call us at 800-BOOKING or 800-2665464 any time and we will provide you the offer according to your vehicle.

    About the Author especially thanks to all the readers and suggesting others to check our beautiful website at least once. The links are mentioned in the article.

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