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Top Rollers - Spinning Machinery Components in Textile Engineering

Author: Kv Gopalakrishnan
by Kv Gopalakrishnan
Posted: Sep 02, 2019

Textile manufacturing includes a wide range of processing stages such as fiber production, yarn conversion, fabric manufacturing, etc. Spinning yarn manufacturing is the process of converting workable yarn from raw roving. In the textile industry, spinning machinery is one of the most significant components of the entire manufacturing unit. Before moving to top rollers and the spinning machinery components, let’s understand the role and process of spinning in textile engineering.

Spinning ProcessIn the spinning process, the threads of fibers are entwined together to form the yarn that functions as the major raw material for the entire textile industry. The textile produced from spinning these fibers is ultimately used in manufacturing clothing and other products, which makes spinning one of the most crucial processes in the textile manufacturing process. Some of the common spinning methods are ring spinning, air-jet, and open-end spinning. Prior to the industrial revolution, the cottage industry was surviving on hand spinning techniques.

In this article, we will walk you through Top Rollers, a significant component of high technology spinning machinery, produced by TeraSpin.

What is Top Roller?Top Rollers are double row ball bearings with a single axle made for ring frames used in cotton, man-made fibers, wool, and blends spinning machinery. Both the ends of the rollers are equipped with specially designed U-style seal, which effectively prevents leakage during machine operation. The rollers are designed to have the required space between the hardened arbors. These anti-friction top rollers are lubricated using TRG 5 grease.

The various benefits of installing robust top rollers are -

  • Higher load-bearing ability• No space for foreign particles to enter• Extended relubrication intervals reduce maintenance• Seamless and simple operation under difficult mill conditions• Consistent quality output

Types of Top Rollers offered by TeraSpin

  • Top Rollers for short-staple ring frames• Top Rollers for worsted ring frames• Top Rollers for roving frames About TeraSpinA business unit of the renowned ATE Enterprises Private Limited, TeraSpin manufactures precision spinning machinery components to cater to the requirements of the textile industry. TeraSpin’s state-of-the-art and eco-friendly manufacturing unit is located Sari, near Ahmedabad in Western India, which makes for a healthy and more productive environment for the workers. The company provides a wide range of high technology systems for different spinning stages, which includes the blow rooms, cards, combers, ring spinning systems, humidification and draw frames, etc.

The company is also preferred by many industry leaders for offering convenient and customized solutions, and timely upgrades to their roving and ring frame drafting. TeraSpin has a series of quality initiatives, such as ISO 9001:20, ISO 15 4001:20, and OHSAS 18001:2007. TeraSpin, as an original equipment manufacturer, is hugely popular in all premium textile manufacturing countries such as China, Japan, Spain, Indonesia, and India.

TeraSpin manufactures precision components for the textile spinning industry. For more information on TeraSpin and its range of robust spinning machinery components, log on to the official TeraSpin website. Moreover, visit ATE eStore to get more updates with detailed descriptions, prices, and suitability for TeraSpin products.

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