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Brochure Printing for Branding: 5 Powerful TIPS TO REMEMBER

Author: Arman Paul
by Arman Paul
Posted: Sep 03, 2019
brochure printing

Traditionally companies have always relied on creative marketing collaterals such as brochures, infomercial, catalogs and other direct marketing tools to reach out to clients.

Brochures also referred to as a pamphlet, is a kind of leaflet intended to educate your prospects and target market about your company, services, and products. A well-designed brochure not only has the capability to put on a purchaser's attention, but also convert him into a loyal client.

Often regarded as the instrument of choice for small and medium companies, brochures are actually utilized by companies of all sizes to reach and affect clients. Even following the prevalence of newer online advertising tools, brochure advertising ideas still function as high-quality brochures have a longer shelf life, and also increased recall rate among clients.

5 Helpful Brochure Printing Tips

Many businesses undertake brochure printing and designing without giving another thought to particular leaflet printing nuances that could make or break the last output. The distinction between high quality and a low-cost brochure is in not just according to how they appear, but various other messaging and design variables change also.

Here's a listing of 5 helpful brochure printing tips that can help you create great and amazing looking brochures:

1. Be Innovative and First:

Perhaps the main variable whilst brochure designing would be to allow it to be original and innovative. Also, it's necessary to get numerous leaflet advertising suggestions and gauge what opponents do to stay ahead. Additionally, it can help to draw inspiration for brochure design from other streams of businesses and integrate their ideas into your material.

2. Look Not Just for a Design Specialist:

Brochure design is central in creating great printing brochures. Not all designers possess the ability to design brochures following comprehending the company and it is USP. Business knowledge is significant since it will help remove a lot from the designers and create a high-quality brochure. Either the company itself needs to shell out the first period in feeding inputs into the designer or if associate with a designer that has a business orientation.

3. Choosing The Right Paper:

Utilizing a heavier paper may be more expensive but the last print looks more specialist and will help convince a client of your professionalism and reliability.

4. Designing and Printing Resolution:

Pictures and artwork should be at 300dpi to ensure high-quality output. Nevertheless, many companies resort to low-quality pictures to conserve price leading to washed out pictures.

5. Accounting for Printing Bleed:

The brochure layout should allow space outside of the selected page boundaries. This can help ensure the movement of paper while printing and minimize inconsistencies in layout.

Even though it's a very important source of boosting companies on the internet, many businesses don't give second thought whilst designing brochures and depart leaflet printing in the mercy of the design or designer service. While imaginative liberty is vital, it's also essential to notice that the brochure reflects your organization and what it stands for and inspires your clients to have a positive activity. It's therefore, important to learn how to design a leaflet keeping in mind bigger business objectives and target audience.


You can rely on these 5 brochure printing tips, for great print brochure quality. Take a glimpse of Atlas Printing Press creative outcome of your business. Atlas Printing Press offers the top-notch quality brochure printing in Dubai.

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