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Mobile encryption apps to protect your digital privacy

Author: Nick Jasm
by Nick Jasm
Posted: Sep 03, 2019
digital privacy

When using your smartphone, you obviously expect a level of data privacy. It can be quite difficult to have an honest conversation or share a text message, while knowing that all your intimate communications are being intruded by strangers. This digital era we live in comes with a lot of drawbacks, when it comes to electronic security and privacy.Here in this article, Let us discuss about the top MOBILE ENCRYPTION APPS TO PROTECT YOUR DIGITAL PRIVACY. Surely, human life is much more convenient with the ease of communication to anyone or anywhere – but, the major concern is a simple question: who else is listening? Cyber Attacks is one of the fastest growing industry and is only getting larger day by day.

Also, there is a trending increase in the various mobile threats. This is why it is very important to switch to a mobile encryption app TO PROTECT YOUR DIGITAL PRIVACY.Signal: the Digital Privacy Protection ToolSignal is an end-to-end encrypted messaging and voice calling encryption application. Created by Open Whisper Systems, the app is open-source and offers end-to-end encryption. This app is all about having a secure messaging and calling experience that is private and worry free. The platform enables only the sender and the recipient to access the information. The best part about Signal is that it is very easy to use and absolutely free.WhatsAppUsers all around the world get end-to-end data encryption with WhatsApp. The privacy protocol of WhatsApp is inspired from Signal, making the application more secure. But obviously Signal holds an upper hand when it comes to data security. On the other hand, WhatsApp keeps the communications safe from any spies.ViberWith Viber, you are offered end-to-end encryption. Also, the app offers an additional feature of Hidden Chats, where you can hide the messages and group chats that can be later unlocked using a PIN number.Silent PhoneIt is a subscription-based service offering end-to-end encryption as the keys are held by subscriber. This simply means that not even the government can access your files. It is a good option for encrypted messaging, offering secure messaging, file transfers, and conference calls.ChatSecureThis messaging app is open-source and available for both iOS and Android. Also, it is compatible with any class of XMPP-based software.WickrThis encrypted messaging app is available for both, iOS and android. Something really interesting about the application is its self-destructing feature for the messages. You can set a specific date and time for the texts to expire and get deleted on its own. Also, the messages sent are end-to-end encrypted.Concluding the post, the above listed options are some of the best mobile encryption applications TO PROTECT YOUR DIGITAL PRIVACY.The last thing any user wants is getting his private data intruded and become a victim of hacking. It’s high time that we face the reality that every next minute, hackers are trying to gain access to your private data. Taking an active approach helps in preventing the issues coming with your data being compromised.

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Signal protects your messages with end to end encryption and has been strongly analyzed by the research community.

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