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What Are The Leading Chemical Manufacturer In The USA?

Author: Mark Brooke
by Mark Brooke
Posted: Sep 06, 2019

Chemical manufacturing has expanded rapidly within a few years. Chemical industries are involved in various sectors including real estate, mining, chemicals and energy. Mostly the chemical manufacturing companies use raw elements essential minerals which used to convert them to other end products.

Several popular products consider mostly in these days are plastics as well as polymers because they have great demand globally all over sectors of any economy such as health, agriculture, and many others. Here, we provided you with some of the top companies of the US which are raising globally. Top 6 Leading Chemical Manufacturer In World:

  1. Alkali Metals
  2. BASF
  4. SABIC

  5. Ineos
  6. Air Liquide

Alkali Metals:Alkali Metals company was organised on April 17, 1968. This Company was established in the USA, India, Europe, Canada and Japan, that serves chemicals to their customers nearly across ten countries. Some of the chemicals produced by this alkali metals are Sodium hydride, Sodium amide, Sodium ethoxide, 2-Amino-pyridine, 7-Azaindole, etc. It has produced nearly 365 products in that most of them are developed by in-house technology. And, these chemicals do building blocks into the manufacture with bulk drugs as well as pharma intermediates. Alkali Metals produce some variety of goods ranging from derivatives like Pyridine, Tetrazoles, Cyclic Compounds, etc.

BASF:BASF chemical company is the largest chemical manufacturer in the world. It was discovered in April 1865; the company also known as Badische und Soda Fabrik. This company develops, manufactures and markets nearly 700 intermediates throughout the world. Some of the division’s product collections include diols, amines, acids, polyalcohols, and specialities. Mostly the intermediates supports to use these materials for plastics, coatings, textile fibres, pharmaceuticals, crop protectants, and detergents — Innovative intermediates of BASF advice to improve these properties of end products and in the performance of the production processes.

DUPONTThis company organised in the year1802 that involved in different industry sectors, that includes high-performance elements like synthetic electronics, fibres, agriculture, specialty chemicals and biotechnology. It also started to manufacture the gunpowder, later developing into paints, dynamite, dyes, plastics and materials.


SABIC established in the year 1976. It is the third-largest chemicals manufacturing company globally that produces several products used in every phase of economic life. This company produces chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, industrial polymers, and metals. It provides high-quality products to the customers, that meets your expectations of your shareholders through maximum utilization of your available in human and physical resources, together with the applications.

Ineos:Ineos chemical manufacture company found in 1998. It produces some raw materials which are required in the production of various wide variety goods like paints, plastics, textiles, technology, medicines, mobile phones, etc. - Most of the chemicals manufactured at INEOS will enhance every phase of your modern life.

Air Liquide:Air Liquide company mostly supply the industrial gasses and similar related services for other industries like chemical manufacturing, electronics manufacturing sector and medical sectors. While compared to other Chemical Manufacturing Companies in 80 countries, these Air Liquide company is one of the biggest industrial gas suppliers through revenue.

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