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Eight Motivating Tips for Oneself

Author: Amelia Parker
by Amelia Parker
Posted: Sep 13, 2019
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In today’s world we are having many phases where out motivational level gets down and a non-interest is developed in ourselves in not doing anything with interest. It could be regarded as a continuous loop where a person gets motivation at one stage, get demotivated at one phase, and then he or she tries every efforts to recover from that demotivating situation. To cater this universal problem, mark my words, there is no better solution than self-motivation because you are the best mentor for yourself, and you can understand the situation better and develop effective solutions to change your negative attitude to positive. Following are the eight essential steps which a person can consider at any stage of life to recover him or her from demotivating event.

1. Start Simple

Try to make friends and close ones who you think will never discourage you at your work and you are sophisticated enough to judge them that they could be good motivators for you at times when you might fail in different events. It is not necessary that these are human only, but it could be anything that gives you spirit and trigger your inner strength at peak, such as a motivational music maybe.

2. Keep Good Company

Similar to the above motivating factor, try to interact with those who are soft-spoken and motivated individuals and who knows the basic ethics. Try to discuss things with people who are interested in sharing useful ideas and thoughts. Compared with hypocrite people, friendly individuals will assist you in your growth and will shed light at opportunities during difficult times.

3. Keep Learning

Whatever and whenever you notice something which gives your pleasure and removes demotivation, keep that with you or, if possible, try to learn it by heart. The more you memorise those motivating quotes, the more you will notice inner confidence and courage in yourself, even you will notice that in your corporate work.

4. Distinguish between the good and bad

You have to be mature enough to distinguish between the good and bad and while overcoming the hurdles and challenges that is impacting your targets, you must develop the ability to separate the bad aspects and keep the good features of the problem with you, which will make you remember your mistakes in future.

5. Stop Thinking and Act

It is a natural habit of every person that we think a lot before taking a step to do a work. That moment is the right time for you to stop thinking and just start working on it, because the more you will think it, the chances for achieving it will become less. Try to think of strategies and methods to attain that target rapidly, otherwise the opportunity might lost from your hands to someone else’s. Be a risk-taker, rather than risk-averse, because thinking about a particular is just equivalent to wasting your crucial time.

6. Know Yourself

Similar to tip number 3, try creating notes whenever you feel that you are above the sky. That will become your habit whenever you feel low, you will try to remember about those notes, trust me, and you will observe rapid recovery.

7. Track Your Progress

To keep a track of your advancement or growth, you need to create visual presentation such as bar chart or line chart through which you can always have a look at your success.

8. Support Others

Last but not the least, the most efficient way to increase the inner motivation is to support those who are more in need than yourself. Sharing your concerns as well as helping your close ones in their problems will give you rapid motivation. Try to consult from your close friends and feedback from them about your performance.

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Amelia Parker is an experienced lecturer from Oxford Brookes University who commonly spends his time for working for My Assignment Help and his researches mainly revolves around providing effective motivating tips to young learners that they can consider whenever they feel they are down and wants some spark of encouragement in their work.

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