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How to Win Modern Buyer?

Author: George Albert
by George Albert
Posted: Sep 06, 2019
modern buyer

Are you still using the old ways of shopping? If yes, then you must have to roam in the market at least once a week. Well, it seems like most of the people do not enjoy following such way of shopping these days. This is because of the progress in technology which has given birth to new ideas and new ways of purchasing things.

For the companies as well, they need to understand that the buyer has changed now. The modern buyer no longer depends on the sale representative to purchase anything. The buyers of today are more informed, independent and smart enough to make their decision wisely. They do not rely on old selling ways and they investigate the brand first before they come into purchasing mode.

The modern buyer browses the company website, make relevant comparisons, consider consumer group reviews and even media reviews before they make their mind to purchase anything new. Now the role of the salespersons has changed. Unlike the previous time, they no longer use sales tactics to impress the customers. Alternatively, now their focus is on identifying where their target is on this journey of searching for things. Their task is to help modern buyers get to their destination.

Here are a few characteristics of modern buyers:

Due to the advanced technologies, the buyers of today can get the required information themselves. He is clear in his requirements and can make the best decision by keeping in mind the budget, quality, and needs.

Social accounts and websites have made the buyers more informed than before. He is already prepared with his deep research on your products and services. With the help of twitter, Facebook, web, LinkedIn and blogs, the buyers start their conversation with the brands.

Helpful and interesting content is something that the modern buyer expects from a salesperson. The information provided by salespersons will just enhance their knowledge and gives a better understanding of your product.

Price of your particular product or service is something that matters but not always. Modern buyers always focus on value for money. Whether it is about price, quality or brand, buyers of today have their priorities in the decision-making process.

Winning the buyer

With the changing business landscape, companies first need to understand the behavior of the buyers. Here the need for the businesses is to adapt the change and work like them. The selling ways have changed now and the information available to the buyers has made them doubt the purposes of the salespersons.

Winning the buyer is the objective of any organization whether it is a small level business or involves big people. However, the key to winning the modern buyer is to satisfy his business needs. This brings the need for creating maximum online visibility by engaging with the right people using the right tools. LinkedIn is the best tool for staying up to date in your industry as it is the topmost social network for professionals. But the major requirement to win the modern buyer on LinkedIn is to share the valuable content as much as possible.

Buyers who are involved in LinkedIn or any other social media accounts have access to a large amount of content at their fingerprints. So to stay ahead of your competitors, your useful content can help. Sharing similar content like your competitors will not create any difference to your audience. So you need to be more creative in posting your content. Make sure to provide better content than your competitors.

Try to understand the needs of the buyer

Believe it or not, understanding the needs of the buyer is the need of the online business. You should always be present to sort the queries of your audience. Try not to indulge in a matter of price, quality, and other business terms. Be smart in convincing your buyer.

About the Author

George Albert is a COO of Sales for Life having years of experience in sales and strategy. Sales for Life is a global sales training company which is helping B2B companies with social selling strategies within their process to increase revenue.

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