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Some Best Tips You Can Use To Quit Smoking

Author: Ellie Decker
by Ellie Decker
Posted: Sep 08, 2019
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Whether you've just decided to quit smoking or tried giving up smoking a couple of days ago but you're still struggling, below are some helpful tips to help you avoid and say no in lighting a cigarette.

Limit caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.Ever wonder why you feel like smoking whenever you drink a cup of coffee or any alcoholic drink?

It's because caffeinated and alcohol beverages compliment the tobacco taste of cigarettes. To help you avoid cigarette smoking, try to limit or avoid these types of drinks and opt for a glass of water or fruit juice instead.

Go for fruits and veggies.Following a healthy diet can bring out the best in you - good glowing skin, stronger stress threshold, a healthy heart, and the list goes on. Did you know that eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables can greatly help in smoking cessation?

A study showed that fruits and veggies can help spoil the taste of tobacco. Therefore, loading up with lots of fruits and veggies can make your smoking experience worse. This will help your subconscious mind to grasp the idea to avoid smoking.

Don't stress yourself too much.It is believed that most smokers smoke to relieve sudden attacks of panic, anxiety, uncertainty and stress. Keeping yourself away from severe stress and uncontrollable situations can help you to avoid smoking.

Brush and floss your teeth more often.If you feel like smoking, you may want to rather brush your teeth or floss it instead of lighting a cigarette.

You wouldn't want to throw away your efforts of brushing or flossing your teeth! Plus, you wouldn't want any nasty breath to come out from your fresh clean mouth.

Have someone to hide your cigarettes.Ask your friends and your family members to throw or hide your cigarettes away from your sight and reach. This will enable you to free your mind from smoking and continue on fighting to become nicotine-free in the near future.

Apply positive reinforcements.Tricking your mind to stop smoking is not that really hard if you're willing and determined to end your smoking habit.

Implementing positive reinforcements and giving yourself rewards will keep you highly motivated in pursuing your anti-smoke program. If things did not go according to plan, you can always give out small punishments to yourself.

Do self-talk.Since cigarette smoking is highly habitual, the only person who can make you quit smoking is you! Try to do a couple of self-talk to encourage and motivate yourself to go for a better and healthier lifestyle.

If you are not able to quit smoking even after trying all of this, you can switch to vaping. You can try herbal vaporizers since they are 90% healthier than conventional cigarettes and help you control your mind.

No one ever said that quitting smoking is easy, but it's not impossible at the same time. You have to stay determined and remind yourself of the reasons why you want to quit smoking. Have something or someone who motivates you to quit and what or who you think is worth the effort.

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