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Healthy Snack Ideas for Preschoolers

Author: John Sarkis
by John Sarkis
Posted: Sep 08, 2019

Parents of preschoolers often wonder if their kids are getting enough to eat at day-care. It is a common concern, and offering healthy snacks can help ensure that your kid is getting enough to eat when they are at the day care in Dee Why. Some may be picky eaters and refuse to eat whatever you give as they are busy in exploring things, while other kids may eat whatever you give.

Toddlers benefit from eating a range of healthy foods. But, often, they do not eat at one sitting. That is where snacks come in handy. Healthy, well-timed snacks can balance an uneven diet and keeping them from hungry and become cranky. When the right foods are offered at the right time, snacks play a crucial role in managing kid’s hunger and boosting nutrition.

Here are a few healthy snack ideas for your toddlers

Hummus and Pretzels

It is a great way to serve a healthy protein for your toddler. You can pack a big container of hummus and a bag of pretzels for a healthy snack. If you want it to be more colourful, pack some baby carrots or peas along with this.

Energy bars

Protein bars are made to be more nutrient with fewer filler ingredients. Look for different types of energy bars and consider what your little one likes the most. For young toddlers, you can chop the bars into small pieces for them to eat.

Apple and Yogurt

Most of the toddlers love to dip food, and this can be a great combination. You can chop and pack the apple slices along with the yogurt. You can give strawberry or blueberry variety of yogurt. However, any yogurt will work well. You can also give apple slices with string cheese or peanut butter.

Dry fruits

Of course, many kids don’t prefer nuts. But, you could cut them into bite-size and pack them. It is a healthy snack.


This is one of the easiest things to pack for child care Dee Why and your kid will enjoy too. Just ensure the filling is something sticky and won’t fall out. A simple egg sandwich is a good pick, and they are healthy as well. Cut them into triangles or rectangular for easier handling.

Fresh fruits

Small apples, pears, banana, vertically cut grapes, blueberries strawberries, and cubed melon are a few of every kid’s favourite fresh fruits.

Snap Pea crisps

It is a delicious snack that is not too salty and crispy. So they are easy for toddlers to eat when they are at the Dee Why early childhood centre. It is rich in fibre and protein, making a smart snack choice.

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