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What Are The Different Ways Through Which One Can Properly Maintain Their Inverter Battery?

Author: Digital Oye
by Digital Oye
Posted: Sep 09, 2019
inverter batteries

A battery is a device that stores electrochemical energy that is used in various electrical applications. Inverter batteries are designed in a way where they provide a small amount of current for a long time consistently. One can select Excide inverter batteries from the various options as per their requirements. Based on the type of electrolyte, inverter batteries can be either a wet cell or gel cell. Wet Cell batteries contact liquid electrolyte such as sulfuric acid and involved more maintenance. Whereas, the electrolyte in gel cell batteries in prepared by mixing sulfuric acid and silica and they do not involve any maintenance. Based on plate technology, batteries are a tubular and a flat plate. The Flat plate battery includes positive and negative plates made up of pasted grids. In the tubular batteries, on the other hand, negative plates are similar to flat plat, however, positive plates are made up of spines that are placed under tube packets.

How to maintain inverter batteries:

The main function of inverter batteries is to ensure that the inverter functions properly and stays that ways for a long time. Therefore it needs regular maintenance. One can buy Excide inverter batteries online or from various stores based on the requirement of their inverter. Following are some useful tips for maintaining the condition of inverter batteries.

  • Inverter batteries get heated up both during charging and also when operating. Therefore, it is important to install them in an area that has proper ventilation.

  • Use the batteries regularly. When there is no power cut, it is advised to discharge the battery entirely and again recharge it once in every month.

  • Maintain the water level between the maximum and the minimum level and always check the level once in every two months. It is advised to top up the battery with distilled water. Depending on the usage and type of inverter one can select Excide Inverter battery accordingly.

  • Remove the dust regularly from the surface and sides of the battery using a cotton cloth.

  • Ensure that the terminals of the battery stay free from corrosion and rust. If any corrosion appears on the terminals, apply a solution of water and baking soda on the affected area and clean it with a toothbrush. Besides, petroleum jelly can also be used on the terminal to prevent future corrosion. Rusting can reduce the flow of current to and from the battery which in turn can result in slow charging of the battery, thereby reducing the life of the battery.

  • Blocked vent around the battery can cause hydrogen gas to get accumulated which can result in the explosion of the battery. Therefore, the vent should be cleaned regularly. One can buy Excide Inverter battery with different voltage options online or at stores based on their need.

  • Also, select an airy space that is less frequented by children and other family members for installing an inverter.

  • Always replace the dead or damaged battery. Users should regularly inspect the condition of their inverter and the battery.

It is very important to select the right battery for the right inverter as selecting the wrong one can reduce the life span of the battery irrespective of proper maintenance.

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