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Why Grain Free Food Is Better For Cats?

Author: Dayna Frazer
by Dayna Frazer
Posted: Sep 09, 2019
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There are many different cat foods available in the market. But, we get confused while choosing the best cat food for our little fur baby.

There are different variety of food in the market like wet food, soft food and dry food. Choosing the right food for your cat is the trick. Every cats are different, they have different requirement and diet. As a cat owner you are the right person to know what to feed your cat.

We always hear that grain free cat food is better for cats.

Why Grain Free Food Is Better For Cats?

Grain is not toxic for cat. And, not all cat requires a grain free diet. But, many cat food brands sacrifice the protein content in the food while adding grains like soy, corn or wheat in the food while manufacturing.

This way you are going to loss high protein content in the food. Cats need high protein food in their diet. Adding grains in the food, we are going to sacrifice protein from the food.

Soy, wheat, rice, pea these are carbohydrate. Too much is for important for feline. We need to provide our cats a balanced diet contains protein, fat and carbs.

To keep your healthy a strong throughout the day. You need to feed your cat a healthy high protein food.

We have seen many obesity problem in US, It is because cat owner forget to check the ingredient list in the food. Ingredient list give you a clear idea of cat food content. The first five ingredient should not content any grain. If you find grain in the first five ingredient, it is best to avoid that food.

High Protein Food

Cats should be feed on a high protein diet. The first five ingredient of your cat food should contain protein from real meat. Like grains, you should avoid low quality meat ingredient like by-product and protein meal.

Is Grain Bad For Cats?

There many branded cat food that contains grains. Even many health formulae and older cat food contain grain. Many cat expert sometime may offer you a diet contains grain. Grains are not toxic to cats.

It is up to the cat and cat owner to decide what is best for them.

Does My Cat Need a Grain Free Diet?

Most cats actually does not need a grain or gluten free diet. How to tell If my cat needs a grain free diet? To get the answer, you should look at some common reasons to feed grain free food to cats.

Normally grain free feeding is to provide high protein food to cats. Low carbs food is also good for diabetic cats. But, it is a false assume grain free means it is a low crab food. Sometime pets are allergic to grain. This is one of the reason to avoid grains.

Some cats are allergic to soy, corn, and pee, etc. Some cats may get allergic from corn, beef, dairy or fish. For allergic issue grain free diet is a good option. There are some symptoms of allergies.

  • Itchiness
  • Hair loss
  • Sore
  • Patches
  • Hot Spots


Grain free is important mandatory. But, to feed the best high protein cat food to your cat. You should consider picking a grain free cat food for your cat.

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