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Some Common Myths about Wheel Alignment.

Author: Trade Pricetyres
by Trade Pricetyres
Posted: Sep 10, 2019
wheel alignment

Keeping the wheels of your car aligned is a good idea to ensure good handling and even wear in tyres. Checking wheel alignment should be one of the things you ensure every time you take your vehicle over to a garage for regular maintenance. Before you head over to the garage to get the wheel alignment checked, do familiarise yourself with the myths that surround it and make sure not to fall for them.

Some of the Common Myths about Wheel Alignment are:

Alignment is Part of Scheduled Maintenance Service.

Contrary to the popular belief, alignment is not a part of the regular maintenance service. However, at the time of the service, alignment should be checked. Just inform the technicians that the alignment of your vehicle needs to be checked and the added cost of it will be charged separately.

Hitting Potholes can Knock the Wheels Out of Alignment.

Have heard it multiple time, if you hit a pothole hard enough the alignment of wheels will go haywire. However, what this myth completely undermines is the sturdiness of the suspension setup in the car. The suspension protects the alignment and potholes cannot lead to a misaligned tyre. It takes an impact strong enough to bend steel to get the wheels out of alignment.

Excessive Tyres Wear Indicates Problems in the Alignment.

If the tyres on a vehicle have lost tread, it does not mean that there is a problem with the alignment. With time the tyres will lose tread, there is nothing unusual in that. However, if there is uneven wear on the tyres then there may an issue with the alignment of the vehicle which should be checked. For the best tyre fitment to your vehicle visit Trade Price Tyres.

Misaligned Wheels Will Cause Vibrations in the Steering.

The easiest way of identifying that there is something wrong with the alignment of the wheels of your vehicle is to look at the tyres. If there is uneven wear in them, the alignment needs to be checked. A misaligned wheel is however, not capable of inducing vibrations in the steering. Vibrations can be caused only by an improperly balanced wheel, or other issues in the steering column.

It is Better to Get the Alignment Checked at a Centre with New Machinery.

There indeed is wear and tear in machines with time. What however is not true is that new machines are better for getting the wheel alignment checked. Getting the perfect alignment in the car is a matter of skill of the technician and the mechanic, not the machine. So the age of the machine used makes no difference.

Always Opt for Premium Wheel Alignment:

A way to fleece customers nothing more. There is no such thing as premium wheel alignment. When someone tries to sell you the idea of a premium alignment, remember either they are ignorant or are trying to fleece you.

Wheel Alignment Should be Checked if There are Problems in the Handling of the Vehicle.

A lot of people think that wheel alignment should be checked only when there is an issue with the handling of the car or uneven wear in the tyres. This cannot be further from the truth. Wheel alignment like all other parts of the vehicle should be checked regularly for problems and timely rectification. Get the wheel alignment of your vehicle check every few months and before long journeys to avoid a small problems escalation.

When you get a car, ensuring proper maintenance of the car becomes your responsibility. With proper maintenance, the car can last a long time and still be comfortable and secure. Similarly, without proper maintenance, it can become unstable, unreliable and uncouth. To ensure this does not happen, get the wheel alignment of your vehicle checked at Wheel Alignment Newport. Their technicians will ensure that your car’s wheels align perfectly.

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