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10 Tips and Rules of engagement to help for achieving ISO/IEC 20000 Certification

Author: John Mills
by John Mills
Posted: Sep 10, 2019

To maintain a competitive benefit, organisations require having the opinion to measure and specifying their IT services to keep business confidence and indicate to stakeholders how they match against a recognised industry benchmark or their competition.

If we work on the premise that ‘The only constant is change’ and that business must repeatedly change and develop to remain competitive or even stay in business, the most important thing is to be able to effectively manage change.

The dependency on standards can easily be seen in the internal environment, where we depend on the quality of electrical appliances that carry certified adherence to a specific standard, and in finance and manufacturing industries, where standards have long been the basic measure of a product or service conformance to agreed requirements.

Important tips for achieving ISO/IEC 20000 Certification are listed below:1.Instead of ISO/IEC 20000 is not an IT decision Make It a Strategic Decision, it’s a business decision. With many organisations now being so depending on information technology, failure to manage this critical resource could be catastrophic.2.Invest in people and do not make the conclusion that because you recruit highly skilled IT professionals they understand or are capable of delivering a world class service. Invest in service reorientation, education, communication and soft skills training. It is ‘people’ who deliver a world class service, underpinned by effective process and stable, reliable technology.3.All standards apply with intelligence; it needs to be applied intelligently - with the objective of driving improvement and thus value. Failure to do so would simply affect in additional layers of administration.4.Whether You Can't Prove It, You Don't Do It. If you work on this standard you can’t go wrong. To ensue for this ask your team these simple questions. Are we confident in our ability to be measured and audited? Can we indicate our ability to meet external regulatory and IT Governance requirements ISO/IEC 20000 demands accountability.5.The Best Policy ISO/IEC 20000 Certification is about quality, frequent improvement, and communication, being enterprising rather than reactive and being accountable. Your service provider must be brutally honest about their strengths and weaknesses and develop a service improvement plan to purchase the strengths and focus on eliminating the weaknesses; whether the weaknesses are true or perceived.6.Sell the advantages of what a great Job your team to make sure staff understand and value the benefits to them and most importantly, sell the benefits to the business. Most service providers, internal and external, are terrible at selling to the business. ISO/IEC 20000 has a strong focus on frequent improvement and selling recognizable service improvements and the link to the business in business terms.7.Communication is the main point in all this. Communication is mandatory or can say it must require.8.It’s no good having them in place if they are not followed, All Agreed Policies, Processes and Procedures shall be followed One of the goals and benefits of having them in place is that anyone in the team should be able to follow them. If you want to free up your skilled IT resources to work on service improvements, then the operational running of your IT services must not be dependent on individuals. Involve your team in their creation and development.9.Must Record Everything

  • All modification which had done, shall be recorded, risk assessed, scheduled, documented, updated and have a tested ‘back-out-plan’
  • Reasons for failing to meet agreed service targets shall be recorded, reviewed and communicated
  • All events shall be recorded, documented and updated
  • All identified problems shall be recorded, documented and updated
  • Time spent shall be recorded against every request
  • All service relationships, computer assets, configurations, network and risks shall be documented, understood, maintained and auditable
  • All identified service improvements, evidence, targets and actions shall be documented and auditable
  • Performance against identified improvements shall be regularly monitored and any corrective actions undertaken shall be documented
  • 10.You required an Integrated IT Service Management Tool Without a good ITSM tool it will be difficult to:

  • Attain and maintain ISO/IEC 20000
  • Collect the required evidence
  • Identify service improvements
  • Demonstrate what a great job you do
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