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Exploring Angular 2 Features

Author: First Enquiry
by First Enquiry
Posted: Sep 10, 2019
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Exploring Angular 2 Features

On the off chance that you are perusing this article and needs to learn Angular 2, at that point you as peruser ought to be comfortable with the nuts and bolts of web improvement like HTML and knowing nuts and bolts of Javascript would be an additional preferred position.Since the Angular framework is based and built upon the Javascript framework,it becomes quiet easy for the learner to understand Angualr 2 OR Angular 4 if they know Javascript.

Explaining Javascript

Javascript is normally an item based scripting language which is lightweight and works impeccably well even on the cross-platform.Javascript is an answer for customer side unique pages.

Javascript is normally an item based scripting language which is lightweight and works impeccably well even on the cross-platform.Javascript is an answer for customer side unique pages.

Explaining Angular 2

Angular 2 is Google sponsored up activity which is totally free open source Javascript system so as to manufacture web applications in HTML and Javascript.This Javascript structure pointed and used to conquer obstacles experienced while working with Single Page applications.It makes simpler official of code between Javascript items and HTML UI components.

New features of Angular 2

In Angular 2 here are the underneath talk of new key highlights presented.

1. Parts in and Controllers out :Earlier form of Angular i.e Angular or Angular 1.x worked in venture utilizing Controllers now in Angular 2 its work around changed to Components. In genuine sense,Controllers still exist as one piece of what we are calling a Component.The Component is formed and has a View and a Controller. The View is the thing that we have HTML format while Controller in genuine the Javascript conduct.There is nonedd of separate API registration for the controller or other of the non-standard API's like Angular 1.x in Angular 2.0 we just need to create a simple class with some of the annotations.Using thisapproach in Angular 2 it helps to build the project applications into many different modules. Furthermore, with that it turns out to be simple in keeping up the venture over a time of time.Other segments of Angular 2 are as beneath.:


*Modules -It breaks project into logical pieces of code called Module and each of them helps to perform as a task.Module is made up of the following parts :

  • Bootstrap cluster - It discloses to Angular 2 which parts should be stacked with the goal that its usefulness can be gotten to in the application. When we load the part in the bootstrap array,we need to pronounce them with the goal that they can be utilized crosswise over different segments in the Angular 2 OR Angular 4 venture application.

*Export array - It is used to export components,directives and pipes so that it can be used in other modules.

  • Import exhibit - It is utilized to import the usefulness from other Angular modules.


Templates - Using this we can define the views of an Angular 2 OR Anugular $ application.

There are two different ways to characterize Templates in Angular 2.One is inline layout as demonstrated as follows.

template : "

{{AppTitle}} Learn Angular 2 Template


what's more, other route is by utilizing the templateURL direction

TemplateURL :


sampleviewname -This is the name of the app component module.After the sampleviewname, the component needs to be added to the file name.

Directive - An order is normally a custom HTML which is utilized that just expects to expand the quality of HTML. Angular 2 has the accompanying named order which gets called as a feature of the "BrowserModule" module.There are three sorts of orders :

  • Segment Directive - Can make a total custom segment which is made out of a View and a Controller it empowers to utilize it as a custom HTML element.While we have switch which can guide courses to the Components.

*Decorator Directive -It nicely does the decoration of an existing HTML element with additive behaviour.The best example we have is "ng-show".

*Template Directive -Helps to Trnsforms HTML into a reusable template.Then the author of directive can handle it to when and how the template gets initialized and inserted into the DOM.Example for it is to include "ng-if" and "ng-repeat".

*Ngif : The ngif basically is used to add elements to the HTML code if it evaluates to true,else it will not add the elements to the HTML code.

*ngFor : The ngFor is used to elements based on the condition of the For loop.

  • Metadata - It is information of information which can be utilized to add extra information to Angular 2 OR Angular 4 class.Metadata causes us in enriching class with the goal that it gets designed to accomplish the normal conduct of the class.Floowing are the condition of the For loop.

*Metadata - It is data of data which can be used to add additional data to Angular 2 OR Angular $ class.Metadata helps us in decorating class so that it gets configured to achieve the expected behaviour of the class.Follwing are the different parts for Metadata.

  • Annotations(Explanations) - These are decorators which works at the class level.
  • Parameters - These are set by the decorators all together it get worked at constructor level.


TypeScript writes Javascript - As we probably am aware Angular 2 works behind with Javascript.So now how to learn Angular 2 when you don't know write in Javascript. Here TypeScript assumes an imperative job where you compose straightforward program and backend it naturally gets changed over to javascript i.e (.ts) record is changed over to (.js).TypeScript is a superset of javascript and is created by Microsoft.

3. Service -They are set of code which can be shared by different Components of an Angular 2 application. So in the event that we have information part which gets information from a database this can be shared as administration with the goal that it could be devoured when required by others.

Other significant highlights of Angular 2 are it has new improved better occasion dealing with capabilities,powerful layouts and undeniable help for cell phones.

Thanks for reading this article based on Angular 2 features.

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