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Eco Friendly Products and Water Bottles Are What We Need Today

Author: John Max
by John Max
Posted: Sep 11, 2019
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Eco Friendly Products and Water Bottles Are What We Need Today

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Being an eco conscious person does not restrict you to the vine industry alone. Studies suggest the vine industry is relying on consumers who are actively in need of grapes grown in a specific manner. It opens space for people related to: sustainable, biodynamic and eco friendly or natural walks of life.

Grapes are not the only ingredient of winemaking. The winery needs to focus on a lot of their things in order to keep its costs under control. For instance, the eco friendly water bottles are required to store the wine. Moreover, the use of renewable energy from the sun or wind is a need to control electricity costs.

Did you ever wonder how long can a cork live? What happens when you are done with the cork? Well, there is another industry around the globe that recycles the cork you throw away. It repurposes the already used cork and makes many new products out of it. Being a biodegradable product, it serves a whole lot of purposes.

Creating new uses of a used cork is the latest trend these days. An article published in the world famous "Forbes" by Anna Witherby writes that plastic recycling centers in California are shutting down. Since recycled plastic is becoming less valuable the centers are facing a hard time making ends meet. But cork repurposing is a booming trend. One company helping its customers with products made of out cork is Desixnlab.

The cork is a very interesting product. It has never harmed the ecology of our planet. One does not need to cut down a tree in order to make a cork. They are made from the bark which is harvested every 10 – 12 years. Without being harmed, a tree can be easily harvested for about 150 years. The Oak tree is used for the creation of this object and it is cheaper than using metals.

The world is already polluted with plastic and other materials that do not degrade with time. Plastic is widely used all of the planet and it has become a global threat. We need to cut down the use of plastic and replace it with environmentally friendly alternates. Plastic not only harms the earth’s surface, but it also wreaks havoc with the ozone layer if burned.

The world needs to understand the need to use eco friendly alternates of all the products that are man made and cause damage to the eco system. The climate is changing rapidly all over the planet and we now witness heat waves that burn down forests. Without plants and trees, we cannot guarantee fresh and clean air and controlled climate.

Governments should emphasize the use of eco friendly products among businesses. The use of plastic bags can be replaced with paper bags. It is a myth that paper bags aren’t strong or versatile enough. With proper manufacturing these hurdles can be easily maintained. You can carry a paper bag with you and still not feel weighed down.

When shopping malls will restrict the use of plastic bags, people will automatically make use of the alternates available. Switching to bio degradable products will create a new industry. It means, there will be a new boom in business and many new factories will be made. It will create new jobs and new opportunities hence alleviate poverty and strengthen the new generation.

The world today as we know it suffers from lack of well paying jobs for our young generation. It is creating tensions among the civilization and a majority of the population is depressed. With new reforms and new products on the rise, a lot of new opportunities will be available.

Using eco friendly products will ensure the earth is not polluted as much as it is today. Even if a paper bag is left un recycled, it will degrade with time. The materials will in fact be turned into fertilizer for the soil making it even more useful with time.

The environmental issue is on the high rise these days. Every individual needs to play their positive role to help overcome the issue. We need to act today to see a better future. Otherwise, our younger generation will have to face a lot of global warming issues and many animals will already be extinct. Animals need forests to survive and so do we.

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