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11 Easy crafts to make and sell for profit

Author: Trivanks Vinks
by Trivanks Vinks
Posted: Sep 11, 2019
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Are you struggling to make money with easy crafts to make and sell for profit? No worries, in this blog you will come to know how to make money smartly! You can definitely start your own craft business as it is quite profitable as of now.

It is fun to do so as well as a cost-effective way with the help of which you can earn money. Some of the amazing ways are given below which will help you to make good money.

  1. Flower CrownsFlower crowns are quite popular and also easy to make. It can be used as an accessory which is popular in festivals, weddings and birthdays. It needs basic fabric and also some amount of creativity! It is one of the best things to make and sell for profit as of now which you can make and sell.
  2. Pottery Fruit BowlsThis is actually one of the best crafts that you can do to make money. It involves basic skills and innovative ideas to make the pot fruit bowl, also you don’t need to put a lot of expense and this is also one of the best things to make and sell for profit.
  3. Palette Picture FramesThese frames are very easy to make and also they are made with the help of palette. You can easily sell them online and also make a profit out of it which people have started doing already! You can surely choose this way to make money.
  4. Beaded BraceletsVery popular and in-demand right now! These bracelets are quite easy to make. They can be found in different sizes and shapes with unique color details. Nowadays, women are looking for inexpensive jewelry which can be found easily and is affordable too. If you are looking for some way to make money, then definitely go for this one.
  5. Vintage Button NecklaceThis is one of the crafts to make and sell for a profit in the market right now. As the name says, you need to have different buttons and also a necklace chain with which you can fix it. It is one of the most desirable things and it can surely help you to make a fine amount of money.

6. Velvet PillowsVelvet is one thing that can never go out of fashion. Mind it! It is one of the best crafts that make money in today’s time. A luxury velvet material, sewing skills, and polyester pillow stuffing is all that you need for this craft. It can help you earn a good amount of money online too as it is quite in demand.

  1. Pallet CoastersRestaurants and food trucks especially are trying to serve food on pallet coasters as they are easy to make and also are affordable. Overall one of the best crafts that make money.
  2. Homemade CandlesIt is one of the easy things to make and sell for money. You need to have some skills to make these candles. With unique designs you can make sure that they are not copied and are the only available design online, this will help your brand to establish and you can earn a lot out of it. Usually, people are doing the same nowadays and also they can be used in gifting too. There are many people who are looking to buy these kinds of items online, you can make a lot of money out of it.
  3. Clay Key ChainsYou can make customized key chains according to the demands of the customers. Also, you can sell normal key chains. So, it is one of the newest ways to make money and also cheap also make up in this list of easy things to make and sell for money.

10. Homemade Lip BalmPeople are more interested in homemade things these days as they want something unique and also something they can trust on before applying to their body parts. This product is quite high in demand and also very cheap to make. You can surely make a good amount of money with this business as it is a really good option in this list of crafts that make money.

11. Metal RosesThis one thing is fabulous and is the best gifting option these days. People are actually demanding it and it is cheap too. They surely require metal to make but it isn’t expensive at all.

So, this was the complete list of easy crafts to make and sell for profit. If you are looking to earn money with crafts that make money then surely prefer these crafts which are easy to make and sell for profit!

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