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Make the most of Windows 10 with 14 hidden tips

Author: Poppy Quan
by Poppy Quan
Posted: Sep 12, 2019

Microsoft's Windows operating system is nothing; It is a nested mosaic of features based on other features that date back to the beginning of the tested operating system. Each feature is the result of a team of dedicated engineers who achieve the best possible experience (often customizable).

Some have been available on Windows for several generations, others are behind Windows 10. The latest update from Microsoft for the operating system appeared in May, when it added a number of new features and killed a handful of others. There are many new features and tips to make the most of the changing Windows experience after windows 10 oem key purchase.

Secret Boot Menu: If you right-click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner, a pop-up menu will appear with several popular popular destinations. All of these options are available through the standard menu interface, but you can access them more quickly through this text interface.

Show desktop button: This desktop button comes from Windows 7, but it's still practical. There is a secret button in the lower right corner of the desk. Look below and to the right, beyond the date and time. You will find a small piece of invisible button. Click to collapse all open windows.

Shake: This feature was really introduced in Windows 7. If you have a full window ad, remove the clutter by grabbing the top of the desired window and "shaking it" to minimize all other windows. Suddenly shake loyalty? Shake again and the windows come back.

Turn on your screen: This trick is not useful, but you can rotate the screen by pressing Ctrl + Alt + D and one of the arrow keys at the same time. The down arrow will turn it, the left or right arrow key will rotate it 90 degrees and the up arrow will return it to the default orientation. If you use multiple ads, this feature allows you to target this ad specifically.

Right click on the tiles: Do you want to customize these tiles quickly? Right click on it to display a pop-up menu. There are several options available in this menu, such as: For example, you can remove the bookmark from the Start menu, resize the window or deactivate the thumbnail.

Right click on the taskbar: Here is a handy menu that gives you quick access to a set of preferences for toolbars, cortana and window templates.

Drag to attach Windows: This feature was already available in Windows 7, but it has some extras in Windows 10.

Take a window and drag it to the side where it "coincides" with the middle of the screen. In Windows 10, you can drag the window to any corner so that the window occupies more than a quarter of the screen. If you are using multiple monitors, drag it to a corner and wait for an indication to see if the window opens in that corner.

Hidden games in Cortana: You can enter "Rock Paper Scissors", "Roll the Die" or "Flip the Coin" in Cortana for an entertaining gaming experience (?).

Quickly switch between virtual desktops: Click Task View (the icon on the right side of the Windows menu) to test it. This divides all open windows and applications into icons. You can then drag one of them to the new desktop to create a new virtual desktop. For example, you can divide your commercial applications, personal applications and social networks into different workstations.

Once you have left the task view, you can switch between virtual desktops by pressing the Windows key + Ctrl + the right / left arrows. In this way, you can automatically switch between all the open windows that you have divided into different desktops, without moving all the icons on your desktop.

Set your people: Now you can pin your contacts closer to your taskbar as you are used to among the most used applications. Just touch the people icon. At the bottom of the pop-up window, you can find contacts and pin them to your taskbar. Don't you see any contact? Click on the Applications tab at the top of the box to connect to your mail, Skype or other Microsoft Store application, and then import your contacts to configure your shortcut icons directly on the Windows 10 taskbar.

Share near: In an open document or photo, you can now share the file directly with nearby devices, such as Apple AirDrop. Click the share icon on the toolbar of your document or photo to open the panel, and then click Turn on near sharing to see nearby recipients within range.

Stop writing, start dictating: Voice recognition has always been important for Microsoft, but in the latest version of Windows 10, it is almost obvious. In Settings, select Time and language> Language> Related settings, and then click Language, ink and writing settings to enable voice services and running suggestions.

Control your smart home: Cortana can now control all your smart devices after you buy windows 10 oem product key. The configuration is a bit difficult to find because you can't search Smart Home or Connected Home in the Cortana bar. Instead, you should look for the Cortana notebook. A list of tasks, reminders and suggested tasks for Cortana appears. To find the Connected Home feature, click on the Manage Features tab in the upper right corner of the pop-up window.

Clipboard in the cloud: The Windows clipboard has been around for years and has not improved significantly. With the Windows update of October 10, 2018, Microsoft introduced several incredible features. Once you have the update, go to Settings> System> Clipboard. To save several items to the clipboard, activate the Clipboard History switch. Then read our complete guide to use.

Windows is a great operating system with many features that you may never have found. Make the most of Windows 10 with this expert advice when you buy win 10 pro key. You will get fun with them.

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