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Redecorating Your Bathroom According to Your White Shaker Kitchen with Custom Bathroom Cabinet

Author: Rta Kitchen & Bath
by Rta Kitchen & Bath
Posted: Sep 12, 2019

When it comes to home dcor, matching the style of one room with another's is a common practice. It may seem like an easy task with so many different styles, color schemes and products available. However, things might get difficult when it comes to matching your white shaker kitchen style with the bathroom dcor. As it was observed that most homeowners with shaker kitchen in white color scheme often make the biggest redecorating/renovating mistakes.

The best way to make sure the style of the bathroom goes with the shaker kitchen style is by understanding what are the features or key points that classifies a style as shaker style. By understanding or knowing them better, one can easily use custom bathroom cabinet and other furniture and fitting accordingly to ensure the bathroom's styling goes with the style that is specific to a shaker kitchen colored all-white.

Key Features And Ways To Incorporate Them Accurately

Type of wood used

In other popular styles, imported types of wood like rosewood and mahogany are used. However, shaker style strictly uses wood that are resourced locally. Thus, cherry, pine and maple are exclusively used to produce furniture that are staple to this particular style. The design of the furniture is kept unadorned, plain free-standing, follows an open plan type of design and is painted in white color to achieve the final look.

So, when going with custom bathroom cabinet, it will be best to select or make furniture that used the mentioned types of wood. Here you have the option to customize the color palette as well by painting the cabinets white by a qualified professional. And of course, with custom cabinet, there is the option to design the cabinets according to the space available in the bathroom.

Type of panel used

The origin of shaker style can be dated back to the 1700s and the inventor of this style believed that every object of a house needs to have a certain function. Hence, the cabinet found in most shaker kitchens is seen to have distinct square frame panel profile. With the use of pieces commonly known as mid-rails, the panel is divided into as many sections as required. Recessed panels should be either plain or beveled.

So, when talking to a professional, make sure they can customize the bathroom cabinet by using mid-rails and other such methods to get the elegant look and feel of shaker style panel profile.

Type of knob used

Unlike imported cabinet and furniture, shaker kitchen style is categorized with furniture having turn wooden knobs and not brass knobs. Timber/wood knobs are one of the most common features in white shaker kitchen. Customarily, they are either stained or painted so that it goes with the whole cabinet's color.

So, when customizing the knobs of the bathroom cabinet, drawers and vanity make sure to that only timber is used. You will have the option to keep it as it is, or simply painting over a timber knob with white color for that chic and elegant vibe. Here it should be mentioned that in shaker kitchen worktops are either made with wood or granite and quartz. So, when customizing the cabinets, vanity or sink area, you can also use granite or quartz to get the same look. You can select any color of these materials as most colors they are available in goes well with white.

Bottom line

Now that you have an idea about shaker kitchen style, the task of using custom bathroom cabinet and other such furniture to match the look of the bathroom with the white color schemed shaker kitchen will be easy!

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