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The Ultimate Guide to Learning Chemistry: Uptas Learning Hub

Author: Jasline Kaur
by Jasline Kaur
Posted: Sep 13, 2019

I’ve struggled with scoring in chemistry. Personally I enjoy chemistry a lot but JC chemistry is rather much tougher compared to O levels, hence obtaining only mediocre results for the whole of J1.

Before joining the chemistry tuition in Uptas, I wasn’t strong in chemistry and wasn’t familiar with the different types of chemistry questions, and I did not know where to start. Thanks to Uptas Chemistry tuition, I have been exposed to a wide variety of chemistry questions, and I am more comfortable with chemistry. My chemistry has improved a lot and I am now more aware of the different methods of approaching questions.

Study chemistry effectively in a short time?

A level Chemistry tuition @ Uptas Learning Hub targeted frequently tested questions, developing quick deciphering of chemistry problems as well as higher order thinking skills. The tutors puts a lot of effort in ensuring what she taught was consistent with school syllabus, which makes learning content easier.

The tutors would also focus on special contents such as practical content before the Chemistry practical assessment begins.

They (the tutors) even went the extra mile and make trips to the supermarket, stocking up the Centre’s pantry periodically to ensure all of us do not run out of energy while mugging. There are also perks too! Such as a conducive study room for any of us who wishes to study while having the need to consult the tutors in Uptas. I would definitely recommend Uptas Chemistry tuition to any of you out there who are still struggling to understand or having difficulties in achieving your best performance in Chemistry. Trust me, you can’t ask for a better tutor!

The tutors in Uptas only teaches well, they will also make the effort to understand and build a closer relationship with her students. This allowed her to cater to my strengths and weaknesses so she can adjust her explanations and consultations to cater to my needs. The tutor also make lessons enjoyable for me so I look forward to each Chemistry tuition lessons and make studying chemistry less tedious.

The tuition timings and classes are very flexible which allows me to change timings in case something important or urgent happens to clash with tuition. Hence, I don’t have to rush from place to place and allow me to be in the best state of mind to pay attention.

This tuition is different from school as classes are conducted in a smaller group so more attention is given. The questions given during classes are more challenging than tutorials in school so it allows me to learn different concepts and approach to questions. The teaching of topics are clearer and the tutor in Uptas also tries to link certain topics to other topics which is more similar to examinations and A levels. Uptas also makes her own notes as school notes may be confusing, insufficient emphasis in certain areas or too lengthy.

The tutors in Uptas does a lot for her own students. She always opens the centres up earlier till late for her own students to study before and after tuition. The tutors in Uptas also held a consultation with me for 2-3 hours till midnight because the examinations were coming and I had a lot of doubts to clarify. The initial consultation slot was 45mins to an hour but it had overshot and yet she chose to continue until all my questions were addressed.

The centre has extra rooms for us to study during the holidays, after school and before or after lessons. The rooms have wifi for me to be able to use my laptop to study and aircon which makes the study environment conducive. The centre has a pantry which has snacks and drinks which serves as a refresher during lessons and when studying. The summary booklet provided by uptas learning hub to frequently asked questions in each topic which exposes me to the variety of questions that are repeated so I know how to approach them.

Chemistry tuition in Uptas allowed me to make new friends with people from the class as we enjoy lessons together.The tutor also always get us meals and snacks for us which can brighten up the mood during lessons after a long day of studying. They even held a chalet for her students after the last day of exams so we can celebrate the end of our exams together.

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Uptas Learning Hub specializes in Chemistry Tuition for JC, IB, IP & O Level students. In Uptas Learning Hub, we focus on simplifying complicated concepts to easy and “digestible” level for all our students.

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