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Why Plush Toys Love Everyone?

Author: Toys Hive
by Toys Hive
Posted: Sep 14, 2019
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Plush toys are loved & cherished by everyone in their own unique way whether its kids or adults and whether you call them stuffed animals, soft toys, or plushies they become a part of you. Often a child’s first toy is a teddy bear or some other stuffed animal. As children grow older, parents can add in more educational toys, but kids of all ages love their plush toys. Many experts in child development have suggested that babies and young children will be more attracted to a soft toy that they can hug and play with than any hard educational toys.

What are the benefits associated with stuffed toys?

Providing Warmth

Kids are very vulnerable & easily scared of everything. They need support to guide them in every situation that is new & strange to them. Stuffed toys provides them with the comfort & security to navigate through the world around them. Whether a child is awake or asleep a stuffed toys makes them feel less vulnerable & safe.

Confidence Booster

Kids learn to emulate their parents & they try to act out the same roles with their furry friends. It helps them in developing the confidence they need to deal with everything scary to them while also building their independence. Stuffed toys are a great confidence booster.

Emotional Support

Every plush or stuffed toy represents a living thing & kids can relate to them easily. They attach their emotions to these furry little friends & it helps them explore their complex feelings. Plush toys are like a friend that provides them support your child needs while they are trying to deal with the emotions they don’t fully comprehend.

Socio-dramatic play

Children have limitless imagination & stuffed toys are a great tools of practicing social skills. They transform into friends or babies, protectors or students and children care for them accordingly, trying out the roles they see being modeled around them by the adults. It’s an important aspect of child development & growth.

Learning & Education

Children love to talk to their stuffed animals and other plush friends while doing so they're also listening to the sound of their own voice, learning on their own on what to say, how to say & also practicing their pronunciation skills. From bears and puppies to monkeys and mythical unicorns plush toys come in all different forms & that helps the kids to learn about different types of animals, what sound they make & what these animals look like.

From cute stuffed animal toys such as our lion, elephant, bunny or sloth, to cuddly teddy bears, your child will have a friend for life no matter your choice. Select a toy that is approved for your baby's age group, and always supervise your baby as they play with safe stuffed toys. Also when choosing safe stuffed toys for your baby, you must ensure that you will be able to keep them clean. Clean baby and toddler toys once or twice weekly, since they often go in a child's mouth and are potentially shared with other children.

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