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Top 3 reasons to kitchen chimney cleaning you should consider on a serious note

Author: Darsh Kumar
by Darsh Kumar
Posted: Sep 15, 2019

Top kitchen Chimney is the most essential part of the Indian kitchen. With fantastic filter capacity absorbing the gas, spicy smells or odour; it helps to keep our kitchen noise-free environment and home fresh. As we know, Indian dishes are the most delicious and fantastic smelling but at the time of preparation, the spicy, oily smell and irritation caused by smoke coming out of food is unbearable. With super efficiency and suction capacity, chimneys absorb particles of grease, steam, smell and oil that are created while cooking.

After a certain period of time, chimney needs to be cleaned by professional at least once in a year to keep your healthy environment in your house. Cleaning this kitchen appliance is good practice- either you do it yourself or with the help of professional. Here are the top three reasons to clean kitchen chimney that you need to consider seriously.

  1. To avoid Chimney fire: It is quite dangerous. Chimney fire has a loud bursting sound and dark smoke, the flames of the chimney can spread on walls, the roof of your house destroying kitchen completely. The fire in a chimney is caused by the accumulation of dirt and gets clogged with creosote (a tar-like substance). It burns slowly with a high level of temperatures and has the ability to ignite things in your kitchen. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to get it cleaned and maintained by a professional regularly.
  2. Avoid Chimney smoke: With irregular maintenance and servicing of your kitchen chimney will result in soot accumulation around chimney flue. Once the flue is blocked, the smoke and up entering your house. With the release of black soot, it leaves black film spoiling furniture and household items around nearby places. Moreover, this soot can create a black stain around the chimney which is hard to clean.
  3. Inhaling hazardous Carbon Monoxide: Chimney filled with dirt releases hazardous Carbon Monoxide gas with low levels can cause you and your family health issues like headaches, dizziness, dementia and much more. Inhaling these can cause serious health issues. So servicing chimneys on time can help to save your health.

Ignoring these reasons can cause you or any family members a serious health issue. To keep your kitchen and house free from smoke, airborne grease, fumes and vapours, the kitchen chimney needs to be cleaned to perform fine jobs.

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To conclude, there are many more players in the Indian market offering the best chimneys. Nowadays, chimneys are an essential integral part of the kitchen. As dust and dirt everyday problem for us, chimney saves our life for this and helps to keep our house atmosphere clean and healthy. Hence now it has become a must-have one. For more unmatched deals and discounts, check out for kitchen appliances.

Here comes the next question, how to choose the best Kitchen chimney online? There are different aspects to be looked for. Here are a few listed:

  1. Different types: The chimneys are classified into three types – Wall mounted Straight line and Auto Clean. Decide on which type of chimney you want to have installed in your kitchen and consider the location where you want to put chimney too.
  2. Kitchen size: This is the most important details that you should consider before buying this appliance. You can get the chimney depending on your kitchen. The suction power of chimney will also depend on your kitchen size.
  3. Filter type: Filter type in the chimney is classified in 3 types: Cassette filter, Baffle filter and Carbon filter. The baffle filter is considered to be the best for Indian kitchen as it requires less maintenance.
  4. Chimney Maintenance: Maintaining chimney can be a tedious task. We suggest you choose the appliance that requires low maintenance or opts for auto clean chimney
  5. Warranty and Services: Always check on the warranty specifications offered by the chimney brand on the model that you have selected.
  6. Suction power: the suction power speaks about the effectiveness. Get the correct suction power chimney that is needed in your kitchen area. Not much high not much low.

To conclude, we have covered most of the points that needed to be kept in mind before you buy kitchen chimney online on Apnidukaan. Get the unmatched deals and discounts!.

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