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Latest built-in microwave in India

Author: Darsh Kumar
by Darsh Kumar
Posted: Sep 15, 2019

Microwave ovens are the most common appliance that is now an inseparable part of your kitchen. Microwave is not just restricted to use heating food but also popularly cooking the mouth-watering meal in less time. Apart from heating, this kitchen appliance is used to grill, bake and cook food. So with this cooking is made simple if you are cooking pizzas, grilled fish or paneer etc. This home appliance has also helped to spare time for other house activities.

With many advantages, built-in microwave can be pair with your cooktop or in your cabinetry alone. Built-in Microwave comes with the trim kit fitting your cabinets seamlessly allowing for proper ventilation. This also maximizes your counter space and achieves the custom look for your kitchen. Here are a few advantages of the latest built-in microwave:

  • With built-in microwave, you get the convenient cooking additionally, speed cooking, warming and convection cooking options
  • Get the microwave built right in your cabinetry with additional changes in your kitchen or making extra space in your kitchen
  • This will be space-saving under-cabinet installed and will be the right alternative to free up your kitchen counter space
  • With futuristic designs and features make your work easy
  • Comes with steel body including high durability and is the perfect electronic kitchen system

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Different types of microwaves:

Solo type: In this type, there is uniform heat distribution that is good for heating, cooking, baking and defrosting food. Here, grilling and convection modes are not available

Convection type: This is ideal for baking food items- cookies, cakes and pizzas etc. It also makes your food crispy. In this type, the oven uses the fan with a heating element creating continuous airflow inside. This helps to turn your food browning from all sides

Grill type: This type of microwave makes your food crunchy. If you like kebabs, tikkas or fish or chicken this microwave oven will help you

Countertop microwaves ovens and over-the-range microwaves ovens: These are differently categorized microwaves. They are based on their placement either as the countertop microwave oven is placed on or built-in the over the kitchen platforms. Or the over the range microwave ovens is designed and built-in the modular kitchen cabinetry. It includes hob as well as the chimney, hence having a compatible cooktop

Here are a few tips before buying a microwave:

  • Recommend consider your requirement for microwave oven. Whether you want just to reheat food, then lower wattage microwave will work fine with you. If your require grill/bake/cook features then go for convection
  • An opt for compact or full size are available, so as per your need and kitchen space you can buy the microwave oven
  • Before buying any microwave, consider and understand features and convection option
  • Programmable microwave is available in the market. With multiple settings, function. The built-in microwave lets you program your food cooking time
  • Do an in-depth comparison between different brands. Each brand offers different features, specifications and prices

Reviews also matter as you understand the benefits that customer. Apnidukaan offers the latest collection of leading brands of Elica, Whirlpool, Glen and Faber. So visit our website to get a microwave oven and get rid of traditional methods of cooking.

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