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How the kitchen became the most important room in the home

Author: Darsh Kumar
by Darsh Kumar
Posted: Sep 15, 2019

Kitchen is not only important for a house but also is fully equipped with kitchen appliances and tools to cook the delicious and tasty meals for your family and loved ones. This is the most important space of family members for seating, communicating and food storage. In India, kitchen is the most worshipped place. Food is the first fundamental need of every human being and it is the place where this need is fulfilled. In India, the kitchen has been always a special place in the house. It plays a significant role in your day-to-day household routine and moreover, it is the place from where your house becomes more aesthetical, social and economical in values.

Let’s take a closure look at how the kitchen became the most important room in the home:

1. Food is prepared in the kitchen:To win man’s heart, the way is through his stomach. Kitchen is the place where you cook delicious food for your loved one. This is the place where moms handover the traditional recipes to daughters or to daughters-in-law. So all the food trial and errors happen and the cook becomes the master chef. This is the place where tasty and nutritious food is prepared with raw ingredients and then all the magic happens.

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2.Heart of your home: In India, kitchens are combined with living rooms or are near living rooms or bedrooms. With compact kitchen space, you are able to start your every morning with a kitchen. From morning tea to breakfast, lunch, dinner or let it be festival preparation of sweets and snacks are cooked. This is the place where all sorts are aromas tingles your nose coming from the kitchen. Any festival or family occasion, the kitchen becomes the favourite place to chitchat and gossip for most ladies in your house.

3. Filled with appliances: kitchen appliance acts as a helping hand in your house. From refrigerators to mixers, food processors or gas cooktops or nonstick cookware set to dining set to coffee mugs and teacups all in one place. With modernized appliances, you are able to cook tasty food faster and quicker.

  1. Childhood memory: As a child, our moms are busy making nutritious food to make us strong and healthy. The kitchen is the place where our kids demand their favourite food to be cooked. Whether it is the joy of making a cup of perfect coffee or Maggie, the kitchen is the place that everyone loves to take up the trial and error process. Place where beautiful and intriguing memories are created!
  2. Forms a strong family bonding place: So this is the place, where the children socialize, learn to cooperate and help. In our Indian culture, most families do have dining or food in the kitchen. This creates a communication place for us and increases bonding between family members. Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the space where family bonding gets solid.

As per Indian culture, the kitchen is also a place to create a healthy lifestyle. Now, that we have seen the kitchen is a really important place in the house. This is the place that is ever-evolving. The size of the kitchen actually doesn’t matter, whether big or small. It is the place that everyone in the family loves to spend the time building memories.

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My name Darsh Kumar. From Pune Maharashtra. I am an Indian Preofessionl Business and graphic designer since 2000 that live and work in Pune.

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