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How To Determine If You Should Go To A Fertility Clinic

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Jul 14, 2014
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Problems with infertility can be heartbreaking and frustrating. Sometimes couple determine too quickly that they are having problems getting pregnant when they really need to wait a little longer before going to a fertility clinic for help. However, when problems with infertility are real, a fertility specialist can help you determine what the problems is and what options are available to you. Thanks to modern medicine, there are sometimes opportunities for apparently infertile couples to still have the baby that they so desperately want.

Ideally, couples should wait until they have been trying to conceive for one full year before seeking the help of a specialist. It isn’t unusual for it to take some time before pregnancy actually takes place. Additionally, these are some clues that you might need to seek professional help:

  1. If a woman has had multiple miscarriages, it is a good idea to see a specialist before trying to get pregnant again
  2. When the woman has endometriosis or scar tissue that results from it, getting pregnant can be especially difficult
  3. Women who do not have a regular menstrual cycle
  4. The man or woman has a disease that is known to be a risk factor, such as PID in women or undescended testicles in men
  5. The man has a low sperm count or other characteristics that make getting pregnant more difficult
  6. There is a need for assisted reproductive procedures due to infertility or factors that could affect the embryo or pregnancy
  7. In spite of no known complications, the couple has been unable to conceive over an extended period of time

Whether there is a problem with the female, male or both, an infertility clinic is staffed with the variety of specialists needed to address all issues. Specialists often focus on a single are of infertility to provide the most in-depth treatments and implement current technology to give couples the largest number of options possible. Also, different specialists are used to evaluate the male and female. A urologist will often examine the male while a gynecologist evaluates the woman’s fertility.

How to Choose a Fertility Clinic

Do some homework before you choose a clinic to find out the types of tests they normally perform initially. While some couples will require no more than some tips on how to keep records and work their schedule to increase their odds of conceiving, others may require more invasive procedures that take a lot more money. You want to know what to expect with regards to both.

If you live in Colorado, you may find helpful information on this website - Colorado Fertility Clinic.

A good place to start your research for a fertility clinic is with the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They keep records of the success rates of clinics all over the nation. Be sure to check current statistics as quality and results tend to change over time. You also have some good resources online by reading what other patients think of treatment they received at specific clinics.

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