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Ultimate Benefits of Vacuum Excavation

Author: Aussie Hydrovac
by Aussie Hydrovac
Posted: Sep 20, 2019

If you have had enough of digging inaccuracy and excavation hazards, it is time you ditch traditional digging methods in favour of non-destructive digging ones. Vacuum excavation technics has developed a custom vacuum excavation vehicle that will allow it to verify buried services in the most congested environments.

Vacuum excavation in Gold Coast is the process of excavating earth or large debris using a mechanical suction excavator. This is typically mounted to a specialised truck that houses a large inlet pipe and waste storage unit. Yes, its vacuum excavation trucks. This type trucks utilise leading-edge absorption equipment and are chiefly used to safely expose subterranean utilities, such as pipes and cables in a non-destructive manner.

Types of Vacuum Excavation

There are two types of vacuum excavation, they are,

  1. Hydro excavation: Consists of high energy water jets
  2. Air excavation: Relies on the powerful air suction

With its safe, effective and efficient means for waste and debris removal, vacuum excavation in Brisbane has become the industry standard for large and smaller scale excavating.

Benefits of Vacuum Excavation


Vacuum excavation is a cost-effective method. It provides for an accurate and precise outcome, thereby reducing the damage to surrounding utilities and fixtures. With minimum damage to the environment, there are fewer chances of incurring any additional costs. In addition, vacuum excavation method is faster compared to traditional digging and makes it cost-effective.

Safer and Cleaner Work Site

It has a systematic mechanism for removing debris from the land and a suction nozzle to drop the debris it has picked. Did you know, this equipment for vacuum excavation not only removes debris from the land but also stores it? Also, don’t worry; things are not as messy with vacuum excavation services.

Advanced Technology

This advanced technology method of excavation provides high levels of accuracy, and reduce the chances of on-site accidents. In traditional digging methods, it required more human resources, but with this advanced method, it requires only less labour comparing to traditional methods. Therefore, it is much faster and as mentioned above, safer

Minimum Damage to Underground Fixtures

Did you know the advanced technology method of dipping the land results in minimum or almost no damage to them? The process of digging is designed in a manner that it does not harm any underground utilities or fixtures like boring wells, sewage pipes, cable lines, or water lines. So, it leads to a minimum disruption.

Final Recap

If you need plumbing or sewer repairs for equipment located underground, a major portion of the work is simply digging to them. Contact Aussie Hydrovac Services for drain cleaning in Gold Coast.

The author of this article specialises in vacuum excavation Gold Coast. In this article, he has discusses a few benefits of vacuum excavation. To learn more, visit

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