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What are the Costs of Different Eye Surgeries in India?

Author: Katie Smith
by Katie Smith
Posted: Sep 20, 2019

Eye surgery is a surgical specialty done to correct issues in the eye and treat other refractive errors. Our eyes are the most vital organs and their importance cannot be neglected. If you are dealing with a vision problem or other eye issues, it’s imperative that you get timely treatment because if the issue persists for long time it may become intractable.

At We Care India, our eye specialists and ophthalmologists have more than 30 years of experience in providing the best eye treatment in India. They effectively diagnose the patient’s eye condition and perform treatment accordingly. They are skilled at efficiently performing eye surgery in India at an affordable price. They give the best eye care and surgical treatment to their patients and help them in abandoning the use of eyeglasses.

Eye Surgery is a treatment in which an ophthalmologist performs surgery on a patient for upgrading his vision and reducing or eradicating the need for spectacles. Eyes are an essential sensory organ and play a vital role in effective functioning of our overall system and need immense care and safety. It is crucial to see a doctor if your eye problem is critical and eyeglasses are no longer effective.

The ophthalmologists and eye surgeons at our centre perform surgeries using sophisticated equipment and the latest technology to treat different types of eye disease and conditions. Along with the finest-quality surgical treatment, we provide the most reasonable eye surgery cost in India, our price range for different types of eye surgery is reasonable as compared to that of the other fertility clinics in the city.

Acceptable eye surgery cost in India

There are several types of Eye Surgery in India such as Cataract Eye Surgery, Glaucoma Eye Surgery, Laser Eye Surgery, Refractive Surgery, Corneal Surgery, Vitreo-retinal Surgery, Eye muscle surgery, Oculoplastic surgery, Orbital Surgery, etc. We Care India has a team of highly experienced ophthalmologists and eye doctors who perform different eye surgeries in India with efficacy and precision.

However, there are some widely performed surgeries such as Laser Eye Surgery, Cataract Eye Surgery, and Glaucoma Eye Surgery to treat the most common refractive errors and visual imparities.

Below is the cost of the different eye surgeries performed in India.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery helps in enhancing the quality of your vision and is done to correct several eye conditions such as short-sightedness, farsightedness, etc. This type of surgery is helpful in curing different types of eye conditions and issues. During the process, the doctor puts the anesthetic eye drops into the patient’s eye to make them oblivious to the pain and discomfort that may be caused during the treatment. Then, a laser beam enters the patient’s eye in order to make adjustments to the cornea and rectify any abnormalities; it also helps in making vision more clear and sharp. The cost of laser eye surgery in India lies between USD 800 to USD 1500, variation in the cost is due to the severity of the patient’s condition and to accommodate their other surgical requirements.

Cataract Eye Surgery

This is a surgical procedure done to remove and replace the cloudy eye lens in order to prevent the worsening of the eye lens and improve the vision of the patient. The bad-quality of eye lens disrupts the normal vision and causes irreparable damage to the eye. In the surgical procedure, the doctor removes the poor vision faulty eye lens and places an artificial lens of finest quality and clear vision into the patient’s eye. The surgery can be performed using an ultrasound probe, laser technique, or by making surgical incision into the eye for the purpose of eliminating the cloudy and blurred lens. Cataract eye surgery cost in India with Phacoemulsification is USD 300 to USD 1000 and with Femtosecond laser procedure is USD 1000 to USD 1500.

Glaucoma Eye Surgery

Glaucoma eye surgery is performed in case of damage to the optic nerve because of the intraocular pressure in the eye. The optic nerve damage often results in loss of vision, the pressure inside the eye leads to the accumulation of fluid in the eye because the fluid doesn’t easily come out. Glaucoma eye surgery is the only option when medication and normal therapies fail to ease the eye condition. Glaucoma eye surgery is usually performed on both the eyes even if one of them is affected as there are high chances of the other eye getting affected by glaucoma. The approximate cost of glaucoma eye surgery in India ranges between USD 800 to USD 1200.

Cornea Transplant Surgery

In cornea transplant surgery, the damaged cornea is removed from the eye and is replaced with a healthy one, which is received from an organ donor. The transplant is usually done when other eye treatments such as medicines, eye drops, contact lenses, and eyeglasses, does not prove to be effective in improving or restoring the vision. The cost of cornea transplant in India comes under the price bracket of USD 1000 to USD 1800. This is the most affordable price range for getting cornea transplant in India.

Why pick We Care India for eye surgery in India

We Care India is a veteran medical tourism company in India having link-ups with the top-class eye specialists and ophthalmologists. Our ophthalmologists use advanced equipment and technology to operate their patients for different eye surgeries. They are known for providing the best surgical care and highest quality treatment at an affordable eye surgery cost in India. They keep track of all the technological advancements and incorporate them into their treatment methods.

Our team puts collaborated efforts to provide you a satisfactory fertility treatment experience; they make sure that our patients avail top-class facilities and amenities without paying much. Also, our success rates for various fertility treatments are significantly high as compared to that of other fertility clinics in the area. That’s why the patients from all around the world choose India for their fertility tourism.

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