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Reasons Why Heels Can Be Good For You

Author: Samantha Jones
by Samantha Jones
Posted: Sep 20, 2019

This obsession with high heels lived its way till present day when the higher the heels the more fashionable the person wearing them is considered. However, wearing high heels comes at the price of extreme pain and detrimental effects on our bodies. Not only is it dangerous to trip in heels, it can also negatively impact your lower back, toes and heels. We’ve all dealt with bunions and aching heels after a night out in heels and even taken them off before the night ends because the pain can be unbearable sometimes. Doctors advise against wearing high heels for extended periods of time.

A brief history of heels

You might have heard about how high heels were first invented for men and not women. A brief history of high heels can be traced back all the way to the 15th Century. Specifically to Persian soldiers who wore heels to keep their feet safe in stirrups. Eventually, when some of them migrated to Europe, none other than wealthy, male, aristocrats who liked to feel taller and more authoritative in heels started wearing them as well and it became a trend. Let’s be honest, that’s still the reason why so many of us wear heels to this day, because it makes us feel in charge and empowered.

Apparently, heels in the olden days were so high, that often the rich aristocrats who wore them, needed to use maids to help them walk. They were also used as status symbols which meant that the higher your heels the more wealth you possess. Higher heels also required more garment to conceal the shoes underneath and make it look more natural. In the late 15th Century, King Louis XIV designed shoes with red heels and bottoms exclusively for upper class nobles and royalty.

Which heels are best for you?

However, there’s nothing like a pair of heels that can make your outfit look complete. And who doesn’t like some added height, right? Hence, we’re going to talk about the kind of heels that are actually good for you!

Thanks to modern innovation, there are many different types of heels and a wide range of orthopedic shoes available online and in stores. It’s completely possible for you to invest in best shoes for women heel pain, that won’t give you foot pain after prolonged periods of wearing them. Being smart about choosing your footwear options will help you stay comfortable throughout the day. Especially working women who have to be on their feet all day can benefit by wearing orthopedic shoes which have a little heel and are designed to offer support to the feet.

Wedges can distribute weight evenly

This type of shoe is perfect for the summer time, because the kind of heel is perfect to wear on uneven surfaces like the beach. You can even wear them to garden parties and parks where the heel won’t sink in the soil because it has a flat surface. A wedge is ideal because it has all the best qualities of a heel and a platform shoe, providing enough support and letting your body weight distribute evenly.

Knee high boots offer more mobility

These have been trending recently as young fashionistas strut on the runway with these convenient shoes. While they are most commonly seen in winters, young models are not shying away from wearing these instead of pants during summer time. It’s the perfect shoe to pair with a summer dress or a pair of shorts.

They offer a bit of height but are not restrictive when it comes to movement. One of the biggest disadvantages about walking around in heels is the inability to move around freely, but with knee high boots, that’s no longer a concern. A lot of people also suffer from flat-footedness, calluses, bunions and plantar fasciitis, which can make it painful to walk. These kinds of shoes can remedy just that.

Platform shoes give room for feet to breathe

These are another type of medium heel that allows the balls of the feet to rest while keeping the whole foot elevated instead of just the heels. They can also make it look like you’re wearing a higher heel than you actually are. These kinds of shoes can greatly reduce the pain in your feet and give more room to your toes to breath and not stay squeezed. The more time you spend wearing orthopedic shoes like platforms, the better it is for your overall foot health. Another great option is to invest in womens pumps on sale and heels that are padded on the inside, especially if you have ingrown nails.

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