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How To Improve Your Reach on Instagram

Author: Nicon Ch
by Nicon Ch
Posted: Sep 17, 2019
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What business does not want its posts on Instagram to have greater visibility? More visibility means more users finding your brand, following what you do and building a relationship with you. Eventually, this can translate into purchases from your business. The key to increasing visibility is to improve your reach on Instagram.

The interaction on Instagram is a bit more isolated than on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, where the interaction of our friends is public. If one of our friends comments on a post on Instagram we will not see it unless we also follow that brand or tag us in the post. Only this factor makes it difficult to increase your reach on Instagram in an organic way.

However, there are 4 infallible strategies and techniques that you can put into practice to improve your reach quickly, get more views in your photographs of both your followers and new audiences.

Use new tags

Using new and relevant tags (or hashtags) is the first way to boost your reach organically and quickly. By using new and diverse tags that are relevant to your audience you will make your publication reach your followers and a new audience.

The key is to use the correct hashtags. Use a mix of up to date trends, more general hashtags that appear to a larger audience, industry-specific hashtags in addition to your brand hashtags will give you the best results. Since Instagram posts with many tags have more interaction, this may work in your favor so you must find the right combination of hashtags for your posts.

That interaction is your goal

Since Instagram adopted the Facebook algorithm last year, it has been more difficult for posts to be viewed. If you want to improve your reach on Instagram you need to make sure that you are producing quality content for your audience. To do this you must not forget to consider the interaction as your main goal.

Many brands simply focus on selling on Instagram. Although selling and raising awareness of your products on Instagram are fantastic goals on Instagram, you should not forget that at least some of your photos have as a priority increasing interaction. You can also use top reseller panel like just another panel for boosting Your Instagram Likes and Followers.

Publish at key moments

There is no doubt that posting at your peak hours, when your followers are more likely to see your content and interact with it, will help you increase the reach among your followers and anyone who can bump into your content when exploring Instagram. However you should not stick to just one hour, you must find several peak hours.

Not all of your followers will be online at the same time. If your peak hours are Monday at 3 am, Tuesday afternoon and Friday after 9PM you may have different audiences active at that time. By making sure you post at several peak hours you also ensure that more people see your content, no matter how they find it.

Time to go live!

The live video feature is a great asset to expand your reach on Instagram. Live broadcasts are exciting and also very popular; the fact that they pass at that moment may be enough to interest users to see them. In addition, some of your users will be notified about your transmission and Instagram will boost your transmission to appear in the "Explore" section. This is a very good way to expand your reach and find new followers in real time.

Although there are still no analytics to measure your performance when broadcasting live on Instagram, it is already possible to save your broadcasts live once you finish downloading the video and uploading it to Instagram or Facebook to get better results and track your performance.


Instagram is a platform in Social Networks that is very valuable for businesses in all sectors, so expanding your reach can result in more followers and better results. What do you think? How will you improve your reach on Instagram? Will you try any of these techniques? Share your opinion with me!

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