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The basic guideline for you to know about the individual voluntary arrangement

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: Sep 18, 2019
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The term which is known as individual voluntary arrangement which is also known as the short form of IVA is basically a formal version and a legal way for binding the overall contract is agreement between both of the parties which can be you and the creditors of yours for the payment of the steps that you have over a specific time.

It is most likely that the individual voluntary arrangement is able to be in the main characteristics of the flexibility for shooting your proper necessities and also it can be quite expensive in terms of the cost as there are a sufficient amount of risks to consider. This article is going to be the most helpful factor for you to understand all about IVA’s facilities and the contents of IVA advice.

What is it?

To speak about an IVA it is to be said that it is such a form of agreement which has been basically constructed for the purpose of your creditors to be able for the payback of the dams as the specified amount of time and also another option which is available for you to be used for the payback of your loans. Both a formal and also a solution for the loan in a legal aspect the IVA basically means that it actually has the proper approval from the court and also the creditors that are related to you are bound to follow it.

As it is also important that an IVA is to be set by a person that is well qualified in this sector who is also known as the insolvency practitioner and this will basically be an accountant or a lawyer for you. The practitioner is likely to provide a charge or fee for the IVA as the average amount of taken or charged fees are somewhere around 5000 euros.


In a situation when you have taken the decision for getting an IVA it is to be said that you are going to be working out over a repayment plan along with the insolvency practitioner provided. The plan for repayment gets the best upper hand in terms of IVA advice as it also has the basic purpose for putting all of the creditors and if in a situation when they are agreeing with your word for the payback of a specified amount at each month for the usual time period of 5 years. As the repayments on a monthly basis for your loan is going to be paid towards the information to practitioner at a direct manner after which it is going to be the distribution of the money towards your characters as also it is to be said that some amount of your monthly payback might also be kept by the practitioner for the payment of the fee.

Coming into money

If it is found that you have a due amount of money which is caused by such a situation which has taken place before the IVA at that time that creditors of yours may have the ability and also the right to claim it even after a situation of that your IVA has finished. For an easy example if any person has missed some amount of old-time payment in terms of protection insurance or also known as the PPI, it is likely that you may possess the ability for getting some of the money back to your account and even the occurrence is after the hollow is completed your creditors are also going to have the position of a right towards your repayment of PPI.

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