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Learning the Art of Entrepreneurship from the Animal Entrepreneurs of Animal Kingdom

Author: Tanya Burr
by Tanya Burr
Posted: Sep 23, 2019

Darwinian evolutionary theory of "Survival of the Fittest" is not only accepted but recognized all over the globe. Though with few criticisms but thinking from a lay-man’s mind it is evident that only those animals are able to survive in the jungles and forests that are able to fit and fight for their subsistence. Similar is the case with human market. Here only those players survive who are able to strive for the existence and to continuously fight for its persistence. In this big and thick Jungle called the market and with such big already existing players having their paws spread all over, it is very difficult for a new player to enter. Hence it is extremely necessary to come up with special powers, tricks, strategies, tactics and plans to have a point of differentiation to fight or a Point of similarity to blend.

As the jungle has a different number of species, known and recognized for their special ability and power to have a fair fight with any other player in opposition, there are some features that a successful entrepreneur has to adopt from them in order to have the special power to deals the competition. It is extremely necessary for an entrepreneur to simulate some of these animal powers to have the best fight. Let us discuss some amazing Animal entrepreneur powers that may help the human race for their survival as well.

Positive Animal Entrepreneur Powers to Adopt

  1. Eagle

An eagle is a sharp animal which flies solo. It does not procrastinate or act hastily. It has a keen eye and does not waste any opportunities it avails. A successful entrepreneur is seen to have a similar set of features in their attitude who searches for the right time, the right opportunity and works in the right manner. Working to reach the top and create a monopoly is the main aim for such entrepreneurs.

  1. Shark

Have you ever observed a shark and detected some connection in behavior and attitudes with some entrepreneurs? Sharks always hunt down food and do not think of anything else than their profit. They are not an emotional specie and only thinks about benefits. Don’t you find this attitude heard somewhere. There are many entrepreneurs in the world who bear the notion of "It’s all about Profits". The only thing they care about is profits and more profits. All other things and elements are not of that much importance and they work to obtain that turnover.

  1. Lion

The visionary animal of the animal kingdom who even though does not hunt, nut considered the King of Jungle. It might be shocking for some of you but lion do not hunt, but the lioness does. They are the house dads who look after the children while the lioness works to feed the family. Even though of the feeding by lioness, there is no reduction in the pride of a lion. He is the Leader of the pack, sets the rules and guidelines, creates the plans and is responsible for planning all the important matters of the pack.

It is an important attribute of a successful entrepreneur to lead, set plans, guidelines, pathway, vision, maintaining stability and having a language that the allies are able to understand.

  1. Cats

Being strategic and deceptive is an important feature of Cats that entrepreneurs can benefit from. Always having a plan to act is a wise move and a guide to success. Even though being deceptive os not always what new start-ups should be opting for, but the feature of acting strategically, is definitely something that is considered to adopt.

  1. Dogs

Next in line for best entrepreneurial features in animal is being loyal and a believer which is evidently found in Dogs. You best and loyal friend, you darling dog is best known for its loyalty but little known that they are also great believer. An entrepreneur must bear the characteristic of believe. No strategy, no plan, no approach is possible to work unless you have a strong believe in its success. You just have to give these amazing members of the animal kingdom a little bit of your attention, some supplies and they will give you their life in loyalty also.

  1. Dolphin

Dolphins know exactly how to communicate with the person in front. They are smart species with great communication ability. This feature is extremely recommended when you are to be an entrepreneur. The art to interconnect is one of the most desired and hard way to promote yourself. Your persuasiveness is the key to success and success lies in better way to connect. Dolphins have mastered this art and new start-ups and entrepreneurs need to learn this if they desire success.

  1. Elephant

Lastly, being big and gigantic is good and bad at the same time. Though being big and huge, an elephant is Smart and powerful with a sense of fear by its competitors and smaller animals, it is also really hard for them to move fast. Their slow speed is responsible for them being left behind in many cases. Similarly, when big giant companies face a new trend or a technological advancement in the market, it is more difficult for them to move and respond to it than the smaller firms. As smaller firms do not face such problems in change, they can easily adapt the new trends compared to the giant elephant.

Negative Animal Entrepreneur Powers to Reject

  1. Sloth

Being lazy and slow is a habit that not only holds you back from everything but keeps you behind time also. Those who are not energetic and keen for new learnings never taste the fruit of success. A sloth bearing this feature, is not given much recognition in the animal kingdom and therefore just regarded as another mammal.

  1. Snake

When having a new Start-up, one thing is a must and its transparency. Being transparent in your work, process, operations and other actions is the basic road to success and great profits. One characteristic that snakes bear is a lack of transparency, due to which they lack trust from others. You can never trust a snake and this is the reason that entrepreneur should never adopt the features of a snake, if they desire loyal customers.

  1. Fox

Not being committed on your words, or cunning is the top most rejected characteristic for a successful entrepreneur. If you bear profits, and long-term relationships with your customers, you have to be loyal and committed to them, providing them what they truly want and keeping your promise to them. This is the key factor of a long-term stable business.

  1. Chicken

When you are an entrepreneur, you have to take risks. You have to be prepared for good or bad outcomes or may be upright or worst conditions. There is no room for reluctance, fear or terror in doing business and you have to be ready for all sort of situations. Those having a chicken’s heart are not fit to be an entrepreneur and therefore, need to change this sort of characteristic or profession.

  1. Sheep

What do sheep do? They move is a perfect line with their partners, competitors and all of them move together. Hence, they are great followers. One thing that an entrepreneur can never afford is being a follower. If you are follower you are not an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, is someone bringing in something new and exciting for the specific people.

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Animal Entrepreneurs

There are two members of the animal kingdom in our list that not only bear only one or two characteristics but can become an entrepreneur itself at times.

  1. Rhino

When a rhino has its eye set, there is no power on earth that can come in between. Even though a rhino lazy and loves to rest, but when it decides to do achieve a particular target or get to a specific position, it strives hard, runs fast, without thinking about any animal, human, thing of being crushed under its feet, a rhino sops only when it has reached its destination. This feature of a rhino categorizes itself to be an Animal Entrepreneur on our list.

  1. Monkey

We all know that monkeys love to party and go crazy during it, they are also great inventors. Considered Sporty and active helps them creatively. Due to its great similarity with human, they are the only animals that are able to make and use tools. This ability of monkeys helps them categorized as a rational thinker and making use of the available resources to achieve the targets.

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