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Buy Generic Medicines Online In India

Author: Pillsbills Pharmacy
by Pillsbills Pharmacy
Posted: Sep 23, 2019
generic medicines

Medicine can save human life. When you fall ill you go to the doctor or any physician, he wrote you some medicines which are obviously branded. Now you have 2 option to buy your medicines. You can buy medicine online through an online pharmacy or offline by visiting your local medical store. But what if this medicine is too costly to afford you.


A cheaper substitute for your costly branded medicines with the same effectiveness.

With the increasing cost of healthcare services in India now people are moving towards Generic medicines. Generic medicines are cheaper than branded medicines and Indian Government also support generic drugs. So, let's dig something and find out what are generic medicines and why everyone prefers to buy these medications.

Generic medicines are the same as branded medicines quality wise and also work the same as a branded medicine do. This type of drug is generally cheaper and equally effective but is a duplicate version of the original one. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has confirmed that a generic medicine has the same ingredients but can vary in color, size, and shape.

Why generic medicines are so cheap?

For a specific time duration and under a patent, the new medicine is manufactured and marketed. Under this time period, no other company can manufacture and market that medicine. But as the time period expires, any other company can manufacture and market the same drug with the same ingredient. So, in this way this new company does not need to invest money in researching and testing and can save a lot of money and efforts to make medicines like the original one and that is why theses generic medicines take a little cost to manufacture and hence these generic medicines are cheaper.


A generic medicine is created with the same ingredients as the original one but it does not mean that your work is finish. You have to do some testing with your generic medicine to ensure that this generic drug works the same as the branded medicines do and will no harm to the patients.

India is one of the largest suppliers of generic medicines in the world but it is very surprising that 82% people in urban and 86% people in the rural areas are not covered under any health scheme, according to NSSO (National Sample Survey Office) survey held in 2014.

On 2017, MCI (Medical Council of India) has clearly stated that physician has to prescribe medicines as their generic name.

Lack of Efficiency

As we know, there are two classes of medicines one is branded and other is generic. Today every physician and even healthcare providers support branded medicines but when it comes to generic they don't feel confident even they are in doubt about the efficiency of generic medicine.


In India, 92% people know about generic medicines, and among them, 70% know the difference between a branded medicine and generic medicine and 14% understand that these generic medicines are not cheaper than a branded medicine. While 8% of people have no idea what a generic term is meant in the medical field.

Where can you buy these generic medicines online?

You can buy these generic medicines online by ordering online on PillsBills. An online specialty medicines provider in India at the cheapest price. You can order medicines online by visiting the official website or download the app and order from your mobile any time and anywhere. You will get your order within 2-4 working days with all across India free delivery.

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PillsBills is an Online Specialty Pharmacy established in 2016 in New Delhi, India. Our aim is to provide easy access to the medicines to the patients fighting for life-threatening disease in India.

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