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Five Things You Should Know About Video Intercom Systems

Author: Austin Fog
by Austin Fog
Posted: Sep 21, 2019
video intercom

In the past we all used to have chains on our front doors for this purpose in the chain can be easily forced it's much better if you don't have to open the door in the first place to see who was there.

Keeping this in mind let's have a look at five things we need to know about video intercom systems:

A video intercom system is not the same as a front door entry system.

Although people often use the terms interchangeable a front door system has the capability of unlocking the door. When you're 'buzzed' into a building a device known as a door strike is being used to open the door electrically (or by releasing an electromagnetic lock). Most manufacturers of video intercoms offer a door strike or plate as an optional extra.

Choose a manufacturer that will allow your system to grow as your requirements do.

Before you decide which system to purchase make sure you won't be locked into a manufacturer with a limited product line. You might start with a camera to go at the front door and a monitor to see and talk to whoever is there but video intercom system installation are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to securing and automating your home. If in a few years time you decide you'd like to install CCTV cameras, get a remote control monitor or add an extra doorbell ringer then you want to make sure you don't have to throw away your existing investment in new equipment you currently have.

Make sure the door station has night vision if you want to see callers art night.

Sounds obvious but night time is when you really need to see the caller and unless you have a bright outside light you'll need to get a door panel with infrared capabilities. Incidentally, many of the models on the market today have tiny camera holes so the caller may not even realise they can be seen.

Buy locally for the best advice and to avoid installation headaches

Unless you're competent at DIY you'll probably want some help installing an intercom. The door camera and monitor inside the house have to be powered and wires run between the two devices. These need to be hidden from sight so some work under the house or above the ceilings might be necessary. Help with the installation might be especially needed if you want to replace the lock on your door with a door strike so you can open the door from the monitoring unit.

You can get up and running for as little as $400

Although this might sound expensive it's a not a lot to pay for peace of mind. The elderly and those who might be more vulnerable to unsavoury characters who visit people's front doors looking for people to try their tricks on can benefit greatly from not having to open the door to see who is there. Any caller can state their business and even present their credentials to the camera for inspection before the occupier has to open the door.

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