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What are the Commonly Used Kitchen Countertop Materials?

Author: Kitchen Emporium
by Kitchen Emporium
Posted: Sep 27, 2019
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Countertop somehow change the look of your kitchen, so replacing the stained, scratched, and unattractive countertop can transform the complete look of your kitchen. Now in the market, you will get several kinds of countertop options for your kitchen remodeling. Make sure that your chosen countertops have all the features such as resisted stains, cuts, abrasion, heat damage and impacts in the kitchen.

Thus, the performance of the kitchen countertops varies from one material to the next. So, make sure that you will deal with the best countertop materials of your choice of different brands. The following points define the most commonly used kitchen countertop materials in your kitchen remodeling.


The quartz materials are also known as the engineered stone which are available in a wide range of colors in the market than the granite. Moreover, it has a nonporous surface which is useful for resisting the scratches arises due to the serrated knives, hot pots and abrasive pads and look of stone needs less maintenance. The quartz materials are very easy to maintain because it is made from the combination of mineral, color, and resin. Without any annual sealing, it comes in the market with vibrant colors in addition to the look of granite and marble.


Among the several countertops, the granite is the extensively used material in the kitchen because it can provide an elegant look to your kitchen. Moreover, the beauty of the granite contributes to the beauty of the most modest kitchen and usage may down its price. Now the granite materials come in the market with rare colors and veining cost more. On the other hand, the heat, scratches, and cuts never harm the granite and resisted most stains when they are sealed properly.


Thus, the laminate countertops are generally made of plastic-coated synthetics with the smooth surface. However, all the pieces are cut to the proper size and finished on the ends to make it very easy to clean. On the other hands, the laminate materials are easy to install, inexpensive and looks better than the other materials due to its printing and decorative edges. Like other countertops, the stains and heat didn't damage the laminate countertops.

Marble and concrete

Due to the high price, the marble is not at all suggested by the kitchen remodeling professionals for the kitchen designs. But for the luxurious look, many homeowners use the marble on an inset at a baking center. However, marble requires consistent maintenance because it can be stained easily. If you need a countertop for your kitchen remodeling in unusual shapes, then concrete seems to be a good choice and right for your kitchen. Like marble, the high price of concrete doesn't come in people's budget.

Solid surfacing

In general, the solid surface countertops are solid, so that scratches can be sanded out. As it is available in the market with a variety of colors and patterns as well as used for the sink, counters, and backsplash for providing them a seamless look. The joints of the solid surfacing countertops are almost invisible and come in custom-made designs as per your specifications. Consequently, the solid surfacing is highly resistant to most of the stains, small nicks and all of its scratches can be repaired efficiently.

Ceramic and soapstone

Like the granite materials, the ceramic tiles are also durable and easy to clean. Moreover, it is expensive and seems to be a good choice for the average home's countertops. They are installed in a section at a time and can be performed by the most resourceful homeowners. On the other hand, the soapstone is coming in the market in dark gray color with a smooth feel. However, these types of materials are often seen in the historic homes as well as in modern homes for countertop and sink.

Stainless steel and recycled glass

If you want a contemporary and industrial look for your kitchen, then the stainless steel seem to be the best option because they have heat resistant and highly durable. However, these types of countertops are constructed as per your specifications and provide you a seamless countertop. Like the stainless steel, the large shards of recycled glass also provide your kitchen a fun, contemporary and fined looks. Most of the recycled glass countertops are highly stained, cut, heat and scratch resistance.


When you are choosing a countertop for your kitchen remodeling make sure that you have complete knowledge about all the countertops used in the kitchen. It's always advisable to consult with the reputed professionals for determining the best and effective kitchen remodeling countertops for giving it a special and unique look.

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