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Increase YouTube Views Naturally

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: Sep 24, 2019
  • 1 - Ask your audience to subscribe to your channel

To increase Youtube views naturally, one of the best levers is to ask your audience to subscribe to your channel. Thus, they will be informed of the publication of new contents, which will incite you to follow a schedule of regular publication. To encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel, the easiest way is to include a clear and simple call to action (through your videos or social media). At the end of a video, your viewers are engaged and ready for the next step - it's up to you, but make sure your call to action does not look like a desperate proposition but rather A simple suggestion: To improve the effectiveness of your call to action, follow these tips:

  • Create and share content that your audience will find useful. Study your audience and lead a social media listening strategy to define the types of video that will most interest your target audience.
  • Make sure that your videos are not direct ads for your business, by providing content that focuses on your brand or lifestyle.
  • Be consistent and follow a regular release schedule. Do not leave your audience waiting: make your videos a rendezvous and a habit for them.

Stay simple and straightforward, and you should see the number of your subscribers (and views) grow.

  • 2 - Use playlists to organize your content

The most important point when trying to increase Youtube views naturally is the accessibility of your videos. It's obvious that your channels and videos will not get the number of views they deserve if your target audience does not find them. From this perspective, organization is a fundamental criterion.

#3 - Optimize your metadata

To increase Youtube views naturally, analyze the path your audience follows to discover your content. What keywords are they likely to use in their research, and what titles can interest them to the point of clicking on a video?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself before filling in your video's metadata to improve accessibility and increase Youtube views naturally. The metadata includes the title of the video, its description, its tags, its category, its thumbnail, its captions displayed on the screen and its legends (if any). This information improves the accessibility of your video and provides context for your content.

Short titles are often the most effective because the long ones are cut on several lines depending on the width available. For your description to be effective, add context items that will appear in the search results. Replace the links at the beginning of your description with relevant text that provides contextual elements for interested viewers.

#4 - Organize campaigns and contests on YouTube

Campaigns and contests are the most effective ways to attract new viewers. By organizing a YouTube contest, you will target your current audience as well as all users who will discover your channel after viewing the contest presentation and user participation.

There is no magic formula to surely increase Youtube views naturally, but with the tips and best practices you have just seen, you have all the cards in your hand.

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