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How to manage Exam Stress?

Author: Vinod Bhai
by Vinod Bhai
Posted: Dec 20, 2019
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Students face stress and emotionally down when it comes to examination especially when they revise before the exam. The examination stress varies from person to person depending upon their ability and level of confidence. On the other hand, examination pressure or stress is a must to keep the students focused though it may be burdensome but it keeps them motivated to improve on their weaknesses.

Now-a-days, there are many exams for which aspirants are preparing such as IBPS PO, uptet exam 2019 SSC CGL, etc., and most of students are facing enormous stress and the major causes of this stress are :-

  1. Learning and recollecting large number of information for the exam.
  2. Element of uncertainty spoils the peace of mind and gives them a nightmare.
  3. Aspirants with the aim to take it as a career face a "do or die" situation which makes it more challenging and this leads to depression at times.

In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to study; therefore anxiety level should be calmed down to make a smooth run during the exam preparation. There are some tips which will help you relax during the preparation and you can perform well during the examination.

Tips to slow down stress during preparation days

1. Practice deep breathing

When you feel over-stressed, take a deep breath and try to release it. Do it slowly and gently to give your mind and body a relaxed feeling. It is the best method to de-stress and relieve your mind from all the tensions. It will surely work wonders for you too.

2. Always be positive and optimistic about your success

Always have positive notions as it delivers positive energies in the mind and body. Think more about your positive outcomes of hard work rather than being depressed. Optimism boosts the morale and keeps you motivated. Live with it at all times. Think about your success only.

3. Take proper sleep

Body and mind needs a power break to rejuvenate the energy. It only comes with a proper sleep. Take a deep sleep for at least 8 hours every day to de-stress and fresh your mind. Though you might be working hard late nights yet you should give enough time to take a nap during day. It is rightly said that healthy minds delivers healthy results and proper sleep is the only mantra to stay healthy.

4. Take full length mock tests

In the event of feeling stressed or tensed during the exam preparation, it is advisable to attempt topic test or mock test based on the latest exam pattern. Give yourself a practice of actual exam situation and be familiar with the basic format and duration of the exam. A successful attempt will help you evade stress.

5. Practice Meditation

With the mounting competition stress, one need to take a break and practice meditation as it is the best way to relax. It helps you to have proper control of mind and emotions. It adds strength to face the situations with calm and peace.

6. Prepare a Positive study strategy

Positive and fruitful study strategy is always good for the best outcomes. Make exclusive study strategy and follow the syllabus systematically. Buy comprehensive study material, revise the topics regularly and attempt mock tests. It adds to your confidence level and enhances your abilities rather than waiting for the last minute to prepare for the exam.

7. Practice yoga with light exercises

Practice yoga to energize as you will be sitting all the while. Stretch exercises will ease your muscles and you will fell active. Do light physical exercises of eyes, hands and legs as they get more stressed while studying.

8. Make self-analysis of your preparation

No one is perfect in this world therefore it is better to know your weaknesses by doing self-analysis. Know your weak topics and try to improve upon them with the help of an expert. Do not feel overconfident with your strengths rather keep practicing to master it to the excellence level. Self-analysis helps you relieve stress and stay motivated Also Click -> For Uptet admit card 2019

While facing or preparing for any competitive exam, it’s natural to be nervous, anxious or stress, and every sincere student goes through this mental turmoil. It’s important to stay optimistic and positive as you are not attempting any exam but is fighting for a prestigious job in any of esteemed Government department or organization. In this piece of writing, we have showered words of wisdom that should be helpful enough to confront examination stress for every aspiring and committed candidate.

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