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Author: Monica Geller
by Monica Geller
Posted: Oct 01, 2019
email marketing

Why choosing the best email marketing services is important for small businesses?

Do you know that email has the ability that many channels don’t have? It creates valuable and personal touches that no other channel can give. Email marketing is basically used to reach your existing customers or new potential customers through email. This helps you to find new prospective leads and allow you to convert them into a loyal customer. Before sending a mail, test the emails by combining them with social media efforts and check the performance of these campaigns. Choosing the right set of email marketing services will have a significant impact on the marketing campaign.

How will email marketing benefit small businesses?

Don’t worry if your business is small, through email marketing you can reach a large number of people.

  1. Cost-effective: Unlike traditional marketing where you post on billboards and magazines which costs way too much. Email marketing is lower in cost compared to any other marketing channel.
  2. Deliver to a specific target: If your business is offering a product or service only in a particular area then you can customize the marketing campaign and send the emails only for the ones who are in that area.
  3. Easy to measure: Once you have sent the email, you can also track the click-through rates and conversion rates. This helps you to improve the campaign if needed.
  4. Reach globally: Email marketing also lets you reach to a large number of people, giving your brand a maximum reach.

With the above benefits, you can find that email can be a very effective tool that every business needs.

What should small business owners look for while choosing the right email marketing tool?

Small business owners should make wise decisions in choosing their marketing tools because every step that you take will bring affect to your business. Email marketing is the use of emails instead of postal service to make your message reach to the target audience.

A good email marketing service will enable you to send bulk emails to your customers which are personalized to each individual, you must be able to customize the offers accordingly and then be able to send them individually. The email marketing tool should have a user-friendly interface and the emails sent should not end up in the user's spam folder. You should be able to segment your customers into groups and track the performance of the marketing campaign.

Find the best email marketing tool for small businesses.

  1. MailChimp: It is an email marketing tool that lets you save contacts, import them, create and send emails that are personalized and customizable. You can see the tracking of your campaign and know who has clicked on the email, who has opened it and who has made an action. MailChimp allows you to assimilate your social channels so that it can post regular updates on other social media channels.
  2. Litmus: It is the most versatile and highly used marketing tool which helps you to test and track the campaigns. This is available in all mobile devices and very user-friendly. It has an ESP tracking system that inserts a tracking pixel in the email, and you will start receiving details on where the email was opened, how much time did they spend reading, etc.
  3. Drip: It is an email marketing platform that has features exclusively where no other tools have. With Drip marketing tool you can send personalized messages, integrate the email with e-commerce platforms including Shopify, can see comprehensive data analytics. You can also build emails visually and text-based.
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