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Cook Easy & Cook Better- The Basics of Induction Base Pressure Cooker

Author: Samir More
by Samir More
Posted: Oct 03, 2019

We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen figuring out to start with the induction-based pressure cooking. How exactly induction cooking works? It turns the pressure cooker base into the heat supply and as the base gets heated helping to cook food. It is always a good idea to pair your top pressure cooker to the induction base and save a lot of energy and time. The adjustments are small and induction transfers 90% of its energy to the pressure cooker compared to gas or electric burner that transfers only 47%.

Here are a few basic to follow when you are using the induction base pressure cooker:

Dos to follow

  • Get all the ingredients to require preparing the food, before you heat up the oil and sauté the aromatics
  • Keep the pressure cooker on low heat instead of high
  • Ensure the use of induction burner time feature to set so the burner set’s off automatically. If undercooked, again lock the pressure cooker for an additional amount of time
  • Lock the pressure cooker and set a suitable time to cook
  • In induction cooking, ensure the liquid quality is adequate for the entire cooking time
  • Hang around to make heat adjustments for the first 5 minutes of a pressure cooker

Don’ts to follow

  • Don’t pre-heat the cooker before you start with actual cooking
  • Do not bring the cooker to pressure on high temperature
  • Do not walk away from full cooker after you adjust the heat and time

Induction Burner shopping

If you are willing to buy induction cooktop online based pressure cooker online and you can complete your kitchen with this small modern accessory that can bring a cup of water to boil in a few seconds. At Apni Dukaan, online kitchen accessories store, you can get a wide range of induction burners and base available from low rates to higher one from top brands and models.

Mechanics of pressure cookers on induction:

Heat transfer of induction cooking verus cooking on gasInduction cooking has the unique ability to bring the base of a pan, or pressure cooker, to searing heat instantly while the edges and lid are still cool enough to touch. That’s a by-product induction’s efficiency that can work against the pressure cooker, too.

Pressure cookers brought to pressure on induction at its highest setting reach pressure so quickly that they trap more air inside (shorter time to pressure, less venting time) than a cooker being brought to pressure on gas or electric cook tops. In other words, the maximum temperature that can be achieved inside a pressure cooker containing water, steam and air is less than the temperature that can be achieved by a cooker that contains water and steam alone.

As induction becomes more common, pressure cooker manufacturers will be pressed to include instructions on how to operate their cooker on induction in their manuals or design a more sophisticated pressure regulating valve that can ensure the complete removal of air inside the cooker regardless of the time it takes to come to pressure.

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