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Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale with kids

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Sep 30, 2019
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Are you and your family moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale? Well, that is probably a good choice, as Miami is not a very good place for raising children. Miami is known for entertainment, crazy parties, lots of tourists and hefty price tags. Yes, all of these things sound great, but only if you are a young adult who just wants to have fun. If however, you have to raise a family, you must have different priorities. Things like more space, safer neighborhoods, goods schools are now more important. And, Fort Lauderdale can offer you just that! So, if you plan on moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale with kids, keep on reading for some useful advice.

Choose a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

Well, it goes without saying that you must choose a good neighborhood to raise your children in before you choose to hire the best moving company there is. Luckily, Fort Lauderdale has plenty of them. Here are our suggestions:

  • Coral Ridge - This neighborhood is perfect for raising children in as it has many family-friendly amenities. There are plenty of single-family homes, which is something that cannot be found in Miami, and it is the number one reason why families are moving from Miami to another city. Moreover, children can enjoy one of the biggest malls and of course, go to the beach whenever they want. However, what brings most families to Coral Ridge is one of the best elementary schools in the county - Bay View Elementary School.
  • Birch Park Finger Streets - This neighborhood is also great for raising children as it does not have many tourists, and it is quite peaceful with almost no crimes at all. Besides the beach, this the neighborhood is located near the massive Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, where you and your children can enjoy camping, fishing, rafting, hiking and all sorts of outdoor activities.
  • Bal Harbor - This is another small neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale which great for raising children. One of its greatest features is the fact that there are plenty of schools to choose from, both elementary and high schools. Also, you and your children will be close to the beach, numerous shopping centers, and parks.

More Space For Your Money

Many families who are moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale with kids do it in order to have more space for their money. And that is definitely something you can get in Fort Lauderdale. Buying and renting both homes or apartments is simply cheaper here. You will certainly have a lot more space to raise your family in and not break the bank. So, when you start packing your Miami home for the move, do not worry about downsizing. In Fort Lauderdale, you will have plenty of space to put all your belongings in. And, even if you do not, Fort Lauderdale has many cheap storage options. So, do not think much, your family will love it here. You will see that almost all the houses have big yards, unlike those in Miami, thus, take advantage of that and build your children a cubby house to get their minds off moving.

Top-Notch Education

The school system in Fort Lauderdale is of much better quality compared to that in Miami. As previously mentioned, you will have plenty of options to choose from. This city has many elementary and high schools, as well as many colleges and other great educational and scientific facilities. Moreover, you can even choose to send your children to some of the private schools that are also located here, if, of course, your budget allows it. So, all these great schools combined with safe neighborhoods and low crime rates make Fort Lauderdale a perfect place to raise a family. Moreover, we have to mention that education here is cheap! And do not worry about your kids fitting in or not - new families keep coming every day! There will be plenty of friends for them to play with.

Fort Lauderdale Lifestyle

Fort Lauderdale really does have a lot to offer. So, if you like going to the beach and enjoying water activities, you can do that here. Or, if you enjoy going camping, fishing, hiking or some other outdoor activities, you can also do that here. But, that does not mean that Fort Lauderdale is meant only for family-oriented people. There are plenty of activities for those younger parents who still love going out. Here, you can enjoy numerous clubs, pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, malls, cinemas, theatres and many more. Moreover, this city is pet-friendly. And, you will notice that almost every other person here has a cat or a dog. So, now would be a perfect time to surprise your family with a new furry member. What is more, with all these fun activities, you will not have to worry about what to do with your kids this summer.

The Weather

When it comes to the weather conditions in Fort Lauderdale, you will either be positively or negatively surprised. The weather here is warm all year round. And, the humidity is quite common too! Actually, the weather conditions are similar to those in Miami. So, if you are already used to them, it will be no problem adapting. But, moving to Fort Lauderdale means that you will be paying less for all sorts of things, so why not use that money for traveling at least once a year to a place where it snows. In the meantime, you and your family can enjoy the endless sun and everything that comes with it. Do not forget to pack all of your kids' hats, sunglasses and sunscreens.

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