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What is web hosting and how many types are there

Author: Neo Dino
by Neo Dino
Posted: Oct 05, 2019
web hosting

What is web hosting and how many types are thereThe world of Internet has moved a lot and its importance is increasing in the coming days as internet makes many things easy and convenient. Whenever there is a matter of creating a website in the Internet, we need two things first, domain name and second web hosting.We can say that the domain name internet serves as the introduction and the same web hosting place.Without these two, creating a website and a blog is not only difficult but also impossible. Due to their absence, we cannot even think about making websites and blogs.In both these websites, base and Pillar works on which the entire website and blog rests.

Let us understand all the information about Web Hosting in detail.

What is web hostingWeb hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that works to allow individuals and organizations to make their website simple and accessible through the World Wide Web (www).

Question - What is Web Hosting?

Answer - Web hosting in ordinary language is the place where all the data available on the internet is kept and this data can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Let us understand it from an example.

The way we all live on earth. To live here we need the land of ourselves or someone else. If we live in someone else's land or building, then we have to pay their rent.

In the same way, space is needed for a website and blog in internet too. Which is called web hosting in the language of internet.

Within this web hosting, all our posts, photos, files, videos etc. are saved around the world and it always means 24 hours active i.e. online.

All these facilities that we provide are called Web Hosting Company.

Web Hosting is a company that provides space on the server on lease (rent) for the use of the client, as well as provides internet connectivity, it is found in places like data center.

Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity over the Internet to other servers located in their data centers, also called collections, also known as (Housing) housing in Latin America or France. goes.

Must see - How to make a website?

How web hosting worksWhen we create a website or blog, then the thinking is that our activity (knowledge, information etc.) should reach the people as soon as possible in a short time and for this we need to upload our images, files, documents etc. to the web hosting Need to do

By doing this, if any user types the domain name like on their web browser (opera, internet explorer, chrome, mozilla firefox, safari etc.), then the internet will change this domain name to that web server. Where the file, documents etc. are already uploaded on this domain name after which all the information inserted on this website is open in the system of that user and he views the page as per his need and earns knowledge Takes.

Web hosting (classification)According to the need, web hosting is divided into two parts.Smaller hosting serviceLarger hosting service

1. Smaller hosting servicesThe smallest is a web page and is small-scale file hosting, where any files, documents, images, videos, etc. are uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a web interface. Files are usually delivered "as is" ("as is") or on the web with minimal processing.

Many internet service providers (ICPs) provide this service to customers with some limited features for free. Individuals and organizations can also get web page hosting from alternative service providers.

Free web hosting service is also provided by various companies with different services, sometimes supported by advertisements, and often limited compared to paid hosting.

Single page hosting is usually sufficient for individual web pages. Personal web site hosting is usually free, ad-sponsored or inexpensive. Business website hosting is often costly depending on the size and type of site.

2.Larger hosting services

Many big companies that are not internet service providers need to be permanently connected to the web to send emails, files etc. to other sites. The company uses the computer as a website host to provide details of its products, services and facilities for online orders.

Nowadays, large-scale Complex sites call for large tenders, packages that provide database support and application development platforms (such as ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Java EE, Perl / Plack, PHP or Ruby on Rails).

These features allow customers to write or install scripts for applications such as forums and content content management. In addition, secure socets level (SSL) is commonly used for websites that wish to keep data more secure.

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