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How Wolfgang Zulauf Can Help Address the Challenges of Cryptocurrency Trading

Author: Wolfgang Zulauf
by Wolfgang Zulauf
Posted: Oct 06, 2019

The crypto market has gained remarkable global interest recently, resulting in an astronomical rise in the number of traders today. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Coinbase and Ethereum are witnessing exponential daily trading volume in billions of dollars. The demand is so exorbitant that new customers are often being denied to open a trading account.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are deemed to create a more transparent and fair economy, boosting the current financial scenario globally. However, it is not always unicorns and rainbows in the world of cryptocurrencies.

There are several challenges that traders face like dealing with different terms, payment methods and policies of different crypto exchanges. Additionally, the opportunities and risks of investing in cryptos should also be taken into consideration. Wolfgang Zulauf, a globally-recognized financial advisor, and an avid investor provide expert guidance and cutting-edge solutions to address the challenges of trading in cryptocurrencies.

He has more than two decades of experience in the banking and finance industry, offering customized financial advisory services and solutions to help improve the ROI and profitability of his global clients. He is currently operating as the CEO of SUISSE BANK, a leading offshore banking institution offering tailored blockchain banking and crypto trading services.

Challenge #1: Security

According to Wolfgang Zulauf, lack of security is one of the biggest elements plaguing the crypto market today. As security breaches and hacking stories are making headlines every day, traders are in demand of a more secure and reliable platform to trade in cryptocurrencies and earn high profits.

Crypto exchanges are more vulnerable to security threats owing to the fact that the risks are centralized here. Therefore, Wolfgang Zulauf suggests diversifying your risks to get maximum security. Another way he recommends is holding an all-in-one wallet with the SUISSE BANK. Through this wallet, the bank assures that you are in complete control of all the transactions.

With SUISSE BANK blockchain banking services, you can be assured of the most popular and safest all-in-one wallet to invest and store your cryptocurrencies.

Challenge #2: Reliability

The cryptocurrency exchanges often face the challenge of credibility. This is because many crypto coins tend to offer attractive deals initially to lure investors, but most of them turn out to be scams. In this regard, Wolfgang Zulauf advises evaluating the fact that the exchanges have stringent quality-check policies when enlisting crypto coins. This helps in building reliability and the investors can trade in a secure manner.

In terms of credibility, you can rely upon Wolfgang Zulauf’s SUISSE BANK, which provides the most dependable platform to buy, sell, withdraw, deposit, convert or transfer your cryptocurrencies into fiat.

Challenge #3: Transparency

Lack of accountability and transparency is another integral factor undermining the advantages of trading in digital currencies and adopting blockchain technology. Complex collaboration and negotiation guidelines in the crypto world, and subsequent market strategies, are often misleading. This poses a major challenge for investors and users. Often, renowned institutions engage in sketchy practices, aggravating the scenario further.

To address this challenge, Wolfgang Zulauf suggests promoting ethical standards and professionalism across all stages of crypto trading. He further states that SUISSE BANK maintains high levels of transparency and accountability for all your crypto transactions and blockchain banking, ensuring you have a seamless and reliable experience. Since you are the sole custodian of your wallet, it is fully under your control, ensuring lucidity.

Challenge #4: Price Manipulations

This is another key challenge impeding transactions in the crypto world. According to Wolfgang Zulauf, the problem arises because most of the exchanges are partially regulated. This improves the chances of maneuvering the prices of coins in an unscrupulous and inappropriate manner. However, the implications of price manipulation can be minimized when you trade through a reliable and fully regulated banking institution such asSuisse Bank, and under the guidance of an expert like Wolfgang Zulauf.

Leveraging his vast knowledge and experience in the crypto market, he can help you with the right advice regarding which crypto to trade in, which is the right time to invest and more.


The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Therefore, it is important to measure your profits and risks carefully before trading. Expert guidance by a professional such as Wolfgang Zulauf can help overcome the problems of cryptocurrency and ensure higher profitability.

About the Author

Wolfgang Zulauf is the Chairman and CEO of SUISSE BANK, a banking institution offering private and corporate digital offshore banking, blockchain banking and trade finance for its worldwide clients under the offshore license.

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