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4 Swimming Pool Safety Tips You Should Know

Author: Nancy Smith
by Nancy Smith
Posted: Oct 06, 2019
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If you’ve got a swimming pool in your backyard, one of the essential parts of your ownership is swimming pool safety. With your backyard pool, you are guaranteed of endless summer fun. This, however, comes with the responsibility of keeping your young ones safe.

Here are the four crucial swimming pool safety tips that will guarantee you fun.

Set Up Pool Barriers

Pool barriers such as covers, fences, and walls are the first line of defense for your swimming pool. In some states, they’re mandated by municipality or state law. If you’ve got homeowners' insurance then your policy will indicate that you’re responsible for any accidents that happen to your visitor.

When constructing barriers around your pool, they should be designed in a way that children cannot get through, under or over by themselves. The ideal fence should be at least four feet high, and the spaces in the fence shouldn’t be wide enough for a small kid to fit through. The stones, cutouts or holes in your fence(such as lattice holes or decorative shapes) shouldn’t be more than 1.5 inches wide.

Avoid entrapment

Most parents don’t know that their kids die in the hot tub or pool by getting trapped in or sucked down in a drain. Federal laws require public pools to have anti-entrapment drain covers installed. If you spot any missing or broken cover, you should source for the best pool builders in Phoenix AZ to work on your repair.

If you have a home swimming pool, you should ask your service representative to update the suction fitting and drain cover. It is also advisable for your pool to have two drains for each pump as this reduces the powerful suction in case your drain gets blocked. Whirlpools, hot tubs, and single-drain pools should feature safety vacuum release systems that automatically release suction in case your drain blocks.

Handle Pool and Cleaning Chemicals with Care

When used correctly chlorine can kill waterborne parasites and bacteria in a way harmless to humans. Any mishandled chemicals and less-than-clean pools can lead to serious illness, irritation, and explosions or fires. Chemicals should also be kept out of reach of children. It’s also vital that you store them separately from your household cleaner due to chemical reactions.

When you finally decide to construct a swimming pool, you’re making a lifelong commitment to your property, home, and enjoyment. You’ve already planned, saved and ready to turn your yard into an oasis of your dreams, but how do you go about finding the right contractor for your construction needs?

Constructing a swimming pool is a huge investment and can be time-consuming until it’s complete. If you are looking for the best pool builders in Phoenix AZ, here are a few essential tips you should consider before hiring a pool builder.

Once you have an idea of the kind of pool that suits you, it’s best to work on a budget. Depending on your design the materials you use can affect the price. Also, not all contractors are experienced in the pool design you wish to construct. So, you need to have a budget not just for your pool but for fencing or landscaping.

Get in touch with contractors before you decide to work on your swimming pool project.Any contractor willing to share a list of references means that they can be trusted. Those that provide a small list shouldn’t be disqualified. You need to ask a few questions to make sure that the references are legitimate. Some of the questions you should ask include; what type of pool did the contractor install? When did the contractor perform work for you? Were there any surprises?

You can hire Aqua Clean Pool/Spas Company to build a new pool or monthly pool service for your home. We are the best pool builders in Phoenix AZ, our staff are highly trained and updated with the latest and best quality product around. For more contact us!

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