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What to watch for when buying covers for travel trailers?

Author: Aria Akachi
by Aria Akachi
Posted: Oct 11, 2019
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When the end of summer vacation arrives, it's time to prepare the travel trailer for the garage. To protect the travel trailer at best, we recommend covers for travel trailers. Protective covers for travel trailers protect against all weather conditions and ensure that the travel trailer remains in good condition. You can enjoy your travel trailer even longer. Your travel trailers will not look old or rusty if you are using covers for travel trailers. We explain what to pay attention to and how to determine the right size of travel trailer covers for winter!

Covers for travel trailers: wintering

The protection covers for travel trailers are especially used for storage. Be sure to clean the travel trailer before putting it in the garage so that no dust can enter the travel trailer. In addition, the travel trailer with a protective cover can be stored safely inside and out. The protective covers for travel trailers has a lot of advantages like:

  • The travel trailer stays dry
  • The protective cover consists of several layers to protect the travel trailer at best
  • The travel trailer is protected against dirt, dust and UV rays

When buying protective covers for travel trailers, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

1. Does the cover breathe?

Check if the travel trailer cover is breathable. If the travel trailer becomes wet, moisture can be drained from the inside to the outside because the fabric is breathing. This prevents the formation of mold. If you choose a cover that breathes, mold formation is impossible.

2. With or without zipper?

If you go to the garage in the winter to take or put something in the travel trailer, you can easily enter the travel trailer by opening the zippers around the door. You do not need to completely remove the protective cover. If you benefit from it, be sure to choose a protective cover with a zipper.

How much do I need?

Then the most important thing: how much do you need to know? The size is determined by the width and length of the travel trailer. To have the exact size, it is important to measure the width and length.


You need to measure the width of the travel trailer for the selection of a perfect fit. Measure exact width of your travel trailer rather than going for the dimensions mentioned by the manufacturer. If you measure 225 cm, for example, choose the size 235 cm to stay in a safe range.


To determine the length correctly, you measure the travel trailer on the longest part. For example, measure the bike carrier if you have mounted it on the travel trailer/caravan.

There are a range of sizes available. If you measure the length of travel trailer 480 cm? You then choose size 427-518. You measure 680 cm, you choose the size 640-701.

For the selection of covers for travel trailers, you need to see a range of other conditions like you need indoor covers for travel trailers or outdoor covers for travel trailers?

What weather conditions it will have to face? Which fabric suits it well? If you have a garage to store your travel trailer then you can go for indoor covers for travel trailers but if you do not own a garage then outdoor covers for travel trailers are the only choice because these covers will have to face worst weather conditions like snow, storm, sun. Protection from UV rays is important.

Then comes fiber, you are going for the covers for travel trailers because you need protection and if its fiber is not of good quality and finish of the travel trailer is affected by the fabric then it is of no use. When choosing the covers for travel trailers one more thing to be considered is weather conditions it will have to face. A cover must be chosen according to the weather conditions of the area where it is stored.

If you are interested to know more about covers for travel trailers you can contact us any time, our experts are always available to help you out in these issues. We offer a range of car covers or vehicle covers call us any time for a free quote. You don’t need to come to us just select a cover online then you can order us via website or just a call and your order will be shipped to you without any hassle. If you feel any issue in installation or something else our customer satisfaction is our priority we will look into the matter and solve your issues within no time. Choose covers for travel trailers from and avail special discounts for a limited time. Happy traveling!

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