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7 Ideal Locations For Your First Home

Author: Trudy Seeger
by Trudy Seeger
Posted: Oct 12, 2019
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Buying your first home in the right location is very important. A home is an investment that requires thoughtful consideration to ensure you make a wise decision. Sometimes people choose the location of a home based on the distance from their job. While that is worthy of consideration, there are many other factors that are much more critical. You can learn more about the ideal locations for your first home by visiting Below are examples of ideal locations for your first home based on important characteristics.

1. The Neighborhood is Quiet

When searching for a home, it’s necessary to drive through the neighborhood at different times of the day to see if it’s quiet. Sometimes a lot of noise from traffic or businesses in the area can be a sign of other issues. While it’s possible to buy a property in a noisy neighborhood that’s a good investment, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons based on the nature of the noise.

2. Home Improvements Abound

Buying a home in a neighborhood where you notice many home improvements in the area will probably be a good investment. This is usually an indication that homeowners in the neighborhood take pride in the appearance of their property. You should pay attention to improvements like roofing, landscaping, gardening, painting, and even windows. In addition to paying attention to the curb appeal of the property you want to buy, you should also consider the curb appeal of other properties in the area. This doesn’t mean every house has to be perfect. It just means there should be an obvious care and concern for the appearance of the homes.

3. School Test Scores Are High

There is a direct link between school test scores and home prices. By conducting an online search, you can learn about school ratings that are determined based on how students score on standardized tests. You might even consider visiting the school to learn more, especially if you have children. Making sure the test scores are high isn’t just for the purpose of ensuring you are buying a property that’s a good investment. What’s more important is ensuring the schools accommodate the academic needs of your children. If you don’t have children, you should consider any future plans to expand your family.

4. Near Affluent Businesses

A neighborhood that’s established or will be in the future will often have affluent businesses. This is partially because a business that’s upscale will not likely set up shop without doing their research to find out if it’s a good investment. If you take a look around, you’ll notice that some of the most upscale shops are in stable areas.

5. You See People on the Sidewalks

When people feel safe in a neighborhood, you’re more likely to see them outdoors enjoying life with their family members and pets. If you notice that there aren’t a lot of people around, that could be a sign of a problem. Neighborhoods with children playing in the park are usually a good location to buy a home. You won’t likely see a lot of activity, but you will notice a general ease as it relates to how people in the community engaged.

6. Crime Statistics Are Low

Part of the process of buying a home is checking the crime statistics to see if there are any issues. There are many online resources that can provide the information you need. This is an aspect of home buying that is non-negotiable and should be part of your decision-making process.

7. Homes Sell Fast

A neighborhood with homes that sell fast is a location that you’ll want to consider. This information can be obtained by a real estate agent who will gather information about the local market. If a home sells quickly, that means it’s a good investment. In many instances, homes sell faster during a specific time of the year, which is usually the summer. However, if it’s a good location, you will still find that the homes don’t stay on the market for a long time, regardless of the season.

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