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Make Your Outdoor Living Space Looking Its Best

Author: Sarah Kahlon
by Sarah Kahlon
Posted: Oct 10, 2019
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Having a deck is the best way to add value and functionality to your home. It is a wonderful place to curl up with a good book and a cuddling cup of coffee, socializing with guests or throwing a barbecue party.

Bridging the gap between your interior and your yard, a deck is a perfect spot for peace and tranquillity. S Wooden decks add a classy and natural touch to any setting. Sadly, space is constantly exposed to the natural elements means deck has to bear the brunt of storms, scorching heat of the sun, and rains resulting in its damage.

Every deck ends up needing tender love and care at some point whether a small fix up or a complete redo. Here is some suggestion you might need when it comes to deck repair:


The deck needs to be refinished with time and normal wear and tear to protect the wood and revitalize the stain colour. For refinishing, start by applying deck cleaner to the surface including railings and support boards. Use stain stripper to remove any stubborn old stain. Then remove the cleaner with a pressure wash. Once the surface is dry, you can address any minor deck repairs such as missing nails, sanding rough surfaces or loose boards. Lastly, apply sealer and you get a refinished deck.

Cracked or Damaged Deck Boards

If only a few boards are cracked or damaged, and the rest is in good shape, you can always simply replace those. Considering the problem board by board is less costly and intrusive in the long run. In order to fix the damaged boards, remove them by unscrewing fasteners. Then cut the same size of the new board to replace the old board with the same type of fasteners used before followed by sealing and staining to match the whole deck.

Loose Deck Railings

Although railings can be fixed quickly and easily, the loose railing can be very dangerous for you and your guests. You can pre-drill the holes and secure the railings with carriage bolts. Use bolts with a nut and washer. However, it is advised to get the inspection done from the expert as the deck may have serious structural issues as well.

Protruding Nails from Surface

Nothing is worse than coming across a loose nail while walking bare fit on the deck which is annoying and dangerous too. Use a hammer to simply pound the popping nails back into the deck surface. You can also replace the nails with deck screws.

Shaky Deck

Decks may become unstable or wobbly for a variety of reasons such as foundation issues, loose connections to the boards, loose attachments between the boards or insufficient diagonal bracing. Fear of deck collapse poses a real danger for you as well as your guests. Incorrect installation of the post may lead to its rotting. Whatever the reasons are, in this case, you must consult an expert deck carpenter for analysis and repair accordingly.

Deck Rot

As most of the decks are made up of woods, it makes them more susceptible to rot. The process of rotting speeds up if you have standing water around your deck, temperature changes or leaves getting stuck between the boards. This exposes the wood to bacteria and fungus which further damages it and breaks it, ruining the structure of your deck. Replace or repair the boards that have been affected by rot.

Slippery Deck

Sometimes walking on the deck feels more like you are on an ice rink. Slippery decks mean that they need some cleaning. Mildew, moulds, moss, and moisture can cause your deck to be a slippery and tricky place to walk. Use a pressure washer to clean your deck efficiently and thoroughly. Clean it carefully as you don’t want to destroy the finish of your deck. Consider adding non-slip deck paint. Regularly clean your deck to avoid slipperiness.


A deck enhances the beauty of your home, adds value to your property and is a functional spot. However, caring for the deck is a daunting task as well as important from the safety point of view as well. Hire an experienced professional carpenter for your deck repair and restore the beauty of your home.

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