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Tips for buying your first laptop

Author: Alex Joe
by Alex Joe
Posted: Oct 10, 2019
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In today’s Digital age, a laptop has become the need of every individual. It is very important that we need to know the exact use or purpose of laptop. If you are going to use laptop for surfing the internet or for using any apps like Facebook, twitter etc. then that can be achieved by using any hand held devices as well. One reason that you would want to buy a laptop is if you want to play some computer games or for you are working as an IT professional who has to develop software’s. It’s very important to buy a laptop for your needs.

These are very important aspects that we should consider before coming to any decision of buying a laptop. The points that should be kept in mind while deciding for the laptop are as follows:

Portability: Do you want to carry your laptop to your or do you want to carry your laptop when you are travelling. The laptop should be portable enough so that it is easy to handle the laptop and carry it around.

Purpose or Usage: You need to make sure what is the primary purpose of buying a laptop.Let’s suppose that you want to buy the laptop for playing high resolution games, then it would be better to get a laptop with an AMD processor with NVIDEA graphics card.

Power: You should be considerate of selecting a laptop that has good battery back up and can be used for long time. Battery of the laptop can be 6 cell lithium or a 9-cell lithium. A 9-cell lithium battery will give you a better battery rather than 6 cell lithium battery. For most of the work a 6-cell lithium battery should be enough.

Dimensions: You should also consider the dimensions of the laptop as it should be handy and easy to use.

Hard Disk: You should be considering the hard disk capacity as it lets you store your documents, pictures, movies and many more important things.

RAM: Laptop should have good RAM because it will ensure that your laptop is functioning properly. The ideal RAM should be 8 GB for new generation laptops.

Processor: Processor plays an important part of any laptop or desktop. The better the processor the better will be the compute capacity of your laptop.

Brands: There are many brands available in the market today. Name of some of the popular brands that are available are Apple, HP, Lenovo etc. For more information check the top 10 laptops in the world.

Operating System: There are three main operating systems available in their market with multiple variants. Linux, Windows and Mac. Linux is a product from Red Hat, Mac OS is a product from Apple and Windows is a product from Microsoft. So, if you are looking for some better GUI, then you can go with Windows or MacOS. Windows from Microsoft captures majority of the market.

Warranty: So, one of the very important points to note while buying a laptop is that you should be check for the warranty that is being provided by the manufacturer. Generally speaking, most of the laptops come with one-year warranty. What I would recommend is to get extended warranty for 2 years at-least when you are buying a laptop. It will cost you some extra money but what I feel is its worth it.

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