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Follow All Instructions on How to Get Rid of Ants & Bees Nest

Author: Anna Benes
by Anna Benes
Posted: Oct 13, 2019

Even if ants are beneficial to the eco-system, they are also the so called pests. If you have ants plaguing your yard or home, you should think of ways possible on how to get rid of ants. You can now remove ants from your home by killing them. But you also mist remove their pheromone trail that attracts other ants. You can remove them using common treatment and after they’re gone, you should keep your home secure and clean to prevent their re-infestation.

Removing ants from your home

  • Use a commercial bait trap – Baits are mostly the perfect way to treat ants as they take the bait back to their mound to share with the rest of the colony. Once the ant ingest the bait, it will kill them. All you should do is wait, so put the bait in areas the ants frequently invade like corner of your counter, in your pantry, waterpipes, etc. You can find these baits at any local department store or even online.

  • Make your own apple cider solution – In order to kill the trail naturally, you can add one part of apple cider vinegar solution and one part water to a spray bottle. Then spray the solution into the ants and trail and wipe it away. Continue the wiping and spraying until you have removed the entire ant and clean it finally. Vinegar has a strong smell, but it must dissipate immediately.

  • Kill the ant trail if you see one – When ants enter your home, they leave the trail for other ants to follow. So, if you see the trail, eliminate the trail with soapy water, bleach solution or all-purpose cleaner. This will kill them and remove their smell so that rest ants do not follow. Killing the trail means getting rid of ants and wiping the entire trail that they leave behind.

  • Wiping away the ants – Rinse a sponge in cleaner or water and wipe away the ants until you have collected all of them. Then do the final pass ensuring the trail is gone. You can use the spray cleaner and spritz all purpose cleaner or bleach solution onto the ants and wipe them with paper towels. Repeat until all the ants are removed and clean the trail to remove their pheromone.

  • Vacuum up the ants – If there are too many ants to wipe up, sprinkle diatomaceous and borax earth over the ants, then vacuum them up. After the ants are removed, quickly dump out the vacuum cleaner and place the content in an outdoor trash can. Even if the ants are dead, you’d not want to risk them causing a home inside the vacuum.

Remove bees nest without killing them

Bees are very much rising and getting a huge issues in most of the regions around. Even if bees are important for eco system and pollination and health, they pose a great risk for you and your near ones and for pests. It can be taken to granted that you want to remove bees nest that has invaded your home, however killing them is not required as experts and skilled professional bee hive removers can help you exterminate the bees without killing them.

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